Another week, another tour! Soon, I’m going to run out of rooms to tour you around! This week it is a living room tour. Another space you have seen a decent amount of, but I’m relatively sure you’ve never seen it entirely pieced together.

So, I will take you around on today’s living room tour and show you all of the love in this space. I’ll also chat through the love I want to put into the space and my ideas to complete it because they are plentiful. There are still 4 (probably more) main things that I need to complete this space.

Yes, one of the smaller items is a real vase, not my H&M dupe that never worked out and is not in the trash. Insert sad face.

Anyways, let’s get going with the full on tour.

Signed Samantha gives a living room tour - here is she sharing a full shot of her living room including a sofa, coffee table, two chairs, and end tables. Everything is neutral in colour.

The Whole Living Room

This living room tour is of the more formal living space that’s become slightly less formal because Sloane’s toys also live here. We can see her playing in this space as we are making dinner/are in the kitchen – we wouldn’t be able to see what she is up to in the family room, which would be a far better area for her toys. However, as I’ve mentioned before (in my how to decorate with a toddler post), baskets and drawers make it a little bit more pretty and manageable, and Sloane’s safety beats aesthetic.

I’ve always been someone who sees the bigger picture, and with home decor that shines through. I quickly pick the big pieces I want – in this case, my sofa, coffee table (old RH, similar here), and chairs (~1.5 years old Urban Barn). I tend to struggle with the smaller items – what will go on my mantle, the artwork, what will go on the coffee table, and end tables – I will get into all of this momentarily. However, the big pieces in here have filled out the space and made it more home-y.

The set up we decided on, very clearly breaks up the living space from the kitchen, but it also doesn’t take away our slight lines into/from each space.

Signed Samantha's favourite McGee and my favourite place to listen to spotify playlists

What is Needed to Compelte Our Living Room

We are close, oh so close, to having a fully finished living room to give a proper living room tour. However, there are still those detailed items I previously mentioned that we are missing.

  • We need lighting – I can’t decide between floor lamps, end table lamps, or what!
  • I want an olive tree in this space or some additional greenery to liven it up.
  • The artwork on the wall to the right of the fireplace – I want something different, larger, more colourful, and abstract there – or so I think.
  • New end tables (these were cheap-o Ikea ones I used in the interim).
  • A few more knick-knacks and books/ to finish off the coffee table.
  • A rug. We so badly need a new rug.
  • Potentially another end table to sit between the two chairs.

Needless to say, I am hoping for your input and some help from anyone willing it give it!

Signed Samantha gives a living room tour - here is she sharing a full shot of her living room including a sofa, coffee table, two chairs, and end tables. Everything is neutral in colour. Samantha Potter is sitting next to the fireplace on a built in bench.

Inspo For Finishing Living Room Touches That Need to Happen

Inspiration from Halfway Wholeistic. Loving the olive tree and lamp over the sofa as well as the rug.

McGee and Co Art – or something similar (and most likely a DIY version) for the wall next to the fireplace.

Coffee Table Decor Inspo from RH

Some inspiration I will be following for the space… at some point when it’s higher on the priority list.

I can’t wait to give you a new living room tour once we have some more finalized and complete spaces. For now, this is your friendly reminder that great spaces do take time and aren’t done instantly. Go slow. Be methodical. It’s all worth it in the end.



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  • Erin

    So pretty & minimalist! I love how it looks now, but agree with you that throwing some greenery in there & some more knick-knacks/artwork would spice things up a bit. Either way, it looks gorgeous to me!

    • Samantha

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I’m so glad you agree with me that I neeeeeeed that olive tree to add that depth with the greenery.

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