co-written by Jenny O’Mahony & Samantha Potter

Today is a very exciting post. Not only is the first co-written post on Signed Samantha, but it is also the first of many monthly posts focusing on local Canadian shops. It just so happens that this month each of these local shops is headquartered in Vancouver, B.C, where Jenny and Samantha are located.

Jenny and Samantha became quick friends over Instagram. Samantha found Jenny through the stories of one of our featured businesses today. After following each other’s stories and posts, they soon realized that they were on the same page about supporting and shopping local. They also know they want to use their platforms for some good, including showcasing some fantastic local talent.

We’ve come up with our plan to host monthly giveaway’s on our Instagram feeds (Jenny’s and Samantha’s) and then showcase them in a bigger capacity here. These are brands we believe in and use in our everyday lives, or are excited to try ourselves.

We are too excited to share the brands we are working with this August, so let’s get to it!

Tiny Button Apparel

Jamie, the owner of Tiny Button Apparel, bought her first sewing machine when her oldest was a baby, and learned how to sew through YouTube tutorials. YouTube tutorials!!!

Jenny’s kids wear her pieces almost daily, as stretchy waistbands are life and the quality is unreal – and with three kids, it’s safe to say the durability of her fabrics have been tested!

Tiny Button Apparel keeps all of its production local to the Lower Mainland, with a core value in supporting local. If you haven’t felt their signature fabric, you NEED to!! It is so soft and stretchy and unbelievably comfortable. 

Plus, their fall collection (targeting a release date in late Setember 2020) has some fabulous leopard pieces for mama and her mini’s… We all know Samantha’s obsession with leopard. She is going to have to update this post once Jamie’s collection is released. Follow Tiny Button Apparel’s Instagram to make sure you know exactly when the collection is released. 

Vancouver Fashion Truck

Shop online or book an appointment through their warehouse, and when the current (COVID) situation permits it, catch their truck at a pop-up location or book your private shopping party!

Meghan, the owner of Vancouver Fashion Truck, has created a fun and different way to shop, and the pieces she has are a blend of the boho-chic vibe of California with the practical and casual vibe of Vancouver.

Each Thursday on their Instagram, they do a try on of all their new arrivals – it’s basically like watching a runway show but from your home. 


Mercuterie is Vancouver’s first grazing company. First?! Can you believe it?!

Maria, the owner, is so insanely talented. Her friends are the ones who saw that talent and pushed her in a great direction.

Samantha (‘s tummy) has been fortunate enough to be the recipient of many of Maria’s grazing boards. Trust Samantha when she says, they taste as good as they look.

Maria has rapidly adapted to the realities of COVID as well by offering a range in sizes for grazing boxes for adults and kids. She also throws the most beautifully socially distanced grazing parties, which can all be found on her Instagram.

Beluga Baby

Owned by Haley, this Vancouver based business makes the softest, most comfortable baby wraps!

Jenny has three kids and tried a ton of baby carriers before discovering the Beluga Baby wrap. She loved them so much that she had three for her youngest baby, Rosie!

You can’t beat the ergonomics of this wrap; they are easy to wash and are small and easy to pack – perfect for your car, stroller, or diaper bag. Without any exaggeration, these wraps are what made the transition from two to three kids smooth for Jenny.

Not to mention these come in so many colors, you can always match your outfit. Head on over to their Instagram page to see the variety! 

Legends Haul

Previously only delivering high-quality, consciously-sourced goods to restaurants, COVID forced Legends Haul to get creative and adapt their business model to include a home grocery delivery service.

Right around the time that Legends was adding to business, Jenny and Samantha both struggled to find specific ingredients as well as places that had any capacity to deliver groceries to them. Luckily, we each found Legends Haul, and thank goodness we did as we both continue to order from them weekly.

Founded by local Vancouver couple, Jillian and Craig Sheridan, Legends Haul does a phenomenal job sourcing unique, practical, and in-season items from local vendors. They also repost a ton of great stories for some meal inspiration on their Instagram feed. They also share new things that have come into the shop (it seems like almost daily). 


Those are the five for this month! We are excited to be working on September’s businesses already. Drop a comment below for us if there are any brands you’d like to see included.


Signed Samantha's shop local Vancouver includes Legends Haul, a grocery delivery services. Three coardboard boxes with legends haul written on them are stacked outside the front door with a toddler running into the door.