Local Vancouver Shops For Kids

This post is LONG overdue. There was a lot of discussions on my IG about local Vancouver shops and that has certainly slowed down and shifted (and there’s a reason below*). If you’ve been following since mid-2020, you’ll remember our local love posts featuring some of our favourite Canadian brands. We have definitely put local love on the back burner, but still do support local and share whenever it feels right.

Anyways, sharing some local Vancouver shops for kids on the blog was one of your ideas, and I LOVE it. It’s the perfect place for this to live and for some great shops and items to be shared. Now, truth be told, the local Vancouver shops for kids I’m suggesting may get a little consumed by North Vancouver, but I will do my best to spread my wings slightly.

Highlighting local Vancouver shops including Brighton handmade which is where this purple lounge set that Sloane is wearing is from. She is wearing it in her room where the crib and a gigantic giraffe are pictured and she is petting the giraffe.

Local Vancouver Shops For Kids Clothes

I have an obsession for kids clothes so, when I see one I love, I can’t help but swoon. Let’s start:

  • Brighton Baby Handmade: completely handmade by Alex and her sewing machine. Incredibly soft fabric and incredibly well made. She is even working a program to bring back/trade used clothes to keep her products out of the landfill. Sloane is wearing one of her sets in these shots (PS I’m waiting on mine and am SO excited!).
  • Pebble: some of the cutest kid’s clothes I’ve ever seen were in this store that is tucked away in Edgemont Village and very shoppable online.
  • Bambi and Birdie: Cutest PJs ever! Some for the whole family to enjoy (hint: hit them up around the holidays for a matching family set)
  • Bees With Love: the most adorable graphic sweaters for the whole fam (among many other things). One thousand percent on my try-it list.
  • Little and Lively: We have a ton of Little and Lively goods in this house from sweaters to dresses to pants, they have it all. All that we have is very soft and incredibly well made.
  • Haven Kids: Somehow this brand has flown under my radar until recently… they have the cutest lounge sets for kids. Need I say more?! It’s so on trend. (they actually have more than just lounge sets, its just that I want my size in the kid’s versions).
  • Ahoy Deep Cove: used to have a specific kids store, but now it is back in mixed with the adult and children’s clothing. Nestled away in Deep Cove, Ahoy has some pretty awesome clothing from sweaters, to tees, to warm coats, socks, shoes – the options are endless.
Running through some local Vancouver shops for kids that includes Brighton Handmade - a local North Vancovuer mama who designs and sews kid's clothes - which is what Sloane is wearing a cute purple lounge set with cream cuffs as she walks down the hallway.

Local Vancouver Shops For Kid’s Toys

I do need to do some digging on the toy front because I’m very certain there are a few I am missing and need to seek out. But for local Vancouver shops (for kids toys) that have a bricks and mortar (and online website) presence, I’m ready for you.

  • Kids Swag: Perhaps not Vancouver based (I can’t figure out where in Canada they are from) but they are a blackowned business with many items from STEM toys, (and actually clothing as well), to dolls, to puzzels. They have amaizing looking products.
  • Kids Books: While not toys perse, Kids Books has an amazing selection of books. The last time I was there, the moment you walked in you saw an array of books that amplify Black voices.
  • Dilly Dally: Admittedly I’ve never been here, but every single person I know tells me to go here and tells me how amazing it is. It is high on my list to check out – once we make a trip across the bridge.
  • Granville Island Toy Company: What kid did not love coming here?! This was the ultimate Vancouver kids toy store when I was growing up and I suspect Sloane will think something similar.
  • Active Baby: arguably great for all thing’s kids (including clothing). Lately I’ve been seeing their store grow more and more into a toy zone, with beautifully wooden crafted toys, as well.
Sloane, signed samantha's toddler, sitting in her brighton handmade lounge set, from one of the local vancouver shops for kids wear. She is on the floor in her room reading with her teddy bear.

There you have it, some of my favourite local Vancouver shops for kids rounded up in one place. As I see more, I will keep sharing them with you on the blog and, of course, of my IG. If you know of any other goodies, feel free to share them below or send me a message! Don’t forget I also have some Local Love features here, here, and here.

* The longer story about why our (Jenny and my) local love is on the back burner is that (we assume) IG thought that we were constantly sharing “paid/sponsored” posts without disclosing it and would hide our content (meaning we saw a significant dip in our reach each time we would start discussing local love). It became less worthwhile for the brands to participate as each time we started discussing it, everything started dropping. As a result, we are on a little pause while we re-think and re-imagine how we will roll it out and what makes the most sense!