It’s back! Thursdays Three! This one is special because today is my birthday! Obviously, for one’s birthday, you do luxury must-haves as the three items. I would say this also sort of serves as a gift guide if you wanted one for items for YOU. It also serves as a gift guide to share these luxury must-haves with others as your list. I’d probably recommend that approach and then hit up the potential sales after the holidays if you missed out on an epic gift.

Before we get into these luxury must-have’s, I wanted to share some birthday thoughts:

+ The past year wasn’t my most challenging year in terms of what was happening – last year with Sloane’s surgery absolutely takes the cake for that. For me, this year wasn’t much different (she’s always been a bubble baby!) except she is healthy (knocking on wood) so I will take that. 

+ It challenged me in terms of personal growth, understanding my own emotions (though one for a bottle it up queen), and creativity (I didn’t even know I had that in me). 

+ It was a big year for reflection and empathy. Something I’ve traditionally lacked. 

Despite what was going on in the world, I will forever hold on to this year and remember it as the year that put everything into perspective. It will also be remembered as the year that reminded me to cherish the memories and time spent with family, especially family members who are far away, and made me extra grateful for technology. 

Oh, and obviously, it made me grateful for luxury must-haves because when you’re home, it’s those kinds of little things that make all the difference when you’re at home 24/7. 

Signed Samantha bundled in her puffy jacket which is one of her luxury must-haves

Luxury Must-Haves For Winter Mamas

Okay of all the luxury must-haves, this one is an actual must-have. The rest are must-haves in the sense that it would bring you joy. This is a literal must-have, especially if you live somewhere with a cold winter, in the sense that it will keep you warm always.

My darling hubby thoughtfully, since he knows I’m constantly freezing, got me this amazing Super Puff from Aritizia

I’m beyond obsessed; it is so warm and cozy and since I’m a winter babe who enjoys staying warm, I figured this was fitting. Speaking of fit, I got an XS.

I also linked some more fun options below.  

Dyson airwrap flatlay, one of signed Samantha's luxury must-haves

Luxury Must-Haves for Beauty Buffs or Wannabes

I am a total beauty buff wannabe. Recently self-proclaimed beauty buff wannabe, to be clear. I never cared all that much about my hair or face before, but now I feel like having a kiddo is aging me, or at least helping with large dark circles under my eyes. 

This part of the luxury must-haves isn’t even about make-up or face products, or dark circles; it’s actually about hair. I used to shower at night and let my hair dry naturally. Now, I use my unreal Dyson Airwrap, and honestly, each time, it makes me feel like I’m walking out of a salon.

This was the catalyst I needed to want to become an aspiring beauty buff.  When things make it easy for you, I am into it. The Airwrap makes your hair salon-quality, without copious amounts of effort. Sign. Me. UP.

Signed Samantha laying on her linen bedding talking about luxury must-haves

 Luxury Must-Haves for Good Sleeps

I’m a bedding queen, through and through. I don’t think I’m ever going to stop talking about bedding now. Do you even understand how soft linen bedding is?! What are you waiting for?! 

Linen bedding is a game-changer for everything. I recognize that it makes limited sense, but I’ll justify it for you. 

Linen bedding = really stinking, cozy, and soft. This, therefore, equates to a night of incredible sleep, which makes EVERYTHING better. 

Trust me. You need linen sheets in your life. 

These are my luxury must-haves for today! Curious to know what I find for next year. I probably see this being an annual tradition. 


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  • Erin

    First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Second of all, that puffer coat is really dang cute! Even though I would only use it for like 2 months of the year, I’m still thinking about it… It’s just so pretty!

    • Samantha

      Thank you so much lovelies!!! Was actually a perfect day! I vote, yes! Get it, then when the pandemic is over, you can come visit!

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