One Room Challenge: Week Four | Making Strides In the Office

Alright, another productive week of my office renovation in the books! I was moving this week to get some positive progress done and, well, as you can see it doesn’t look like much (LOL). But I can assure you, it was a lot and kept me very busy – and I have half a gallon of paint “missing” from the container. For someone who doesn’t love to paint, that’s A LOT!!!

Should we run through what’s happened with the office renovation this week? If you remember week three, I built bases, cut down and assembled the cabinet boxes, and painted the outside of them.

Office reno underway with a cabinet boxes on the ground and signed samantha standing in the middle and shiplap on a portion of the wall

One Room Challenge: Week 4 | Office is Halfway There!


This past week, there were several little touches I needed to finish to get to this point. That included:

  • Shiplap (how to shiplap here): 
    • Measuring
    • Cutting
    • Painting
    • Nailing, filling
    • More painting (to come)
  • Cabinets (working on the Ikea Ivar hack post still!)
    • Triming out the doors – measuring, cutting, nailing, filling, sanding, caulking, painting and installing hardware
    • Installing the cabinet doors (such a to do])
Office reno underway with a cabinet box on the ground and shiplap on a portion of the wall ikea ivar cabinet in the corner

Still Lots More Office Reno To Come

When I write it out, it’s a decent amount for someone with a full time job, working 12-14 hour days and this on the “side” when I should be sleeping.

Also, don’t forget what I said before with the paint – maybe I said it in Instagram, not on the blog – first you prime, then you lightly sand with 220, then you do your first coat, then you lightly sand with 220, then you do your last coat. It’s SO MUCH WORK. but so worth it. It looks like you sprayed it on and leaves you no roller or brush marks. 

I did sit back when this was all up and ready and I did admire it for quite a while. It’s coming together beautifully and the best part for me is to be able to say “I did this.”


  • Desk top
  • Upper bookshelves
  • Decor

BOOM BOOM BOOM! We are in good shape for the half way point, I think?!


Don’t forget to check out how others are making out on their projects on the One Room Challenge Blog.


  • Jeannie

    It’s looking great! Filling, sanding, and caulking are some of my least favorite tasks. They always take much longer than anticipated!

    • Samantha

      Thank you so much, Jeannie! They take FOREVER! But the end result is soooo well worth it!

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