Mother’s Day Gift Idea: A Memorable Necklace

Believe it or not, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. I know you think I’m utterly insane for saying that, but holy smokes, this year is moving at warp speed. Don’t believe me?! We are over 1/4 of the way through the year. I’ll repeat it – 25% of this year has already gone. Remember when we were talking about Christmas?! Here we are, flowers are in bloom, and yes, I have a Mother’s Day Gift idea for you (to share with your significant others).

But first, speaking of Christmas, I had a zillion gift guides I shared with you all. These would totally still work for some more Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (particularly the stocking stuffers and big gifts for her ideas, but I’ll also link the whole book just in the event it peaks your interest!

Back to today’s Mother’s Day Gift Idea: a beautiful sentimental necklace (or bracelet, earrings, cuff links, etc.). Mahnaz of Smallprint Vancouver is an absolute wizard when it comes to creating your special piece of jewelry. Need proof?! Mahnaz created this amazing necklace for me to symbolize Sloane’s open-heart surgeries and all she went through. One side is Sloane’s electrocardiogram pre-surgery, and the other side is what it looked like post-surgery – an insane difference.

Signed Samantha's daughter running up to her and Samantha ready to catch her as she runs through Mothers Day Gift Ideas that mom is sure to love

Customizing A Piece of Jewelry Makes The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Mahnaz made it so easy for me. All I needed to do was send her the PDFs of what I wanted, and she went to work, handcrafting this piece with care. The details she captured are perfection, and now this beautiful necklace is worn daily, keeping Sloane’s heart close to mine even while I’m away from her working during the day. So cheesy, I know, but I absolutely love this piece (which is obviously why I’m suggesting it as one of my ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts).

The moral of the story is to send your significant others to Mahnaz to create a timeless piece that will be worn daily and kept as a keepsake forever. If you’re stumped for what to ask for, Mahnaz has some fantastic ideas. You can message her on Facebook or send her an Instagram message. She also specializes in fingerprints (which you can have taken directly into the silver (at a Covid-Safe meeting spot of your choosing) or by using one of the take-home (inkless) kits she has.

No matter what you choose to have made, you can feel the care and passion in each piece she creates, which is clearly why this is the perfect Mother’s Day Gift idea.

PS- thinking extra ahead, something from Mahnaz might make a great Father’s Day gift as well – McGregor did try to steal my necklace when it got here suggesting he would love something like this (in a more masculine style).


  • Janet

    What a beautiful way to commemorate everything you went through together. Such a great love story.

    • Samantha

      Thank you so much, Janet! I am feeling quite lucky for the sentimental piece and to also be able to squeeze my little munchkin daily!

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