My 2022 Project List

If you frequent this blog, you likely know that I am most definitely a fly by the seat of my pants type of project initiate-r. I like to roll with the feeling when inspiration hits and transform that into a special, unique, and exciting project. However, while that is still true, I’m trying to also plan out my spaces mindfully, which is why I’ll be sharing my 2022 project list with you today.

Mindfully planning out spaces, being precise, creating budgets, mood boards, and shopping lists helps a project be less frustrating, more motivating, and a big time money saver in the long term. That doesn’t mean I don’t pivot, change my mind, or plan a room impromptu. It’s just that when the moment is right for a space, I roll with it and start my new creative process.

Area that needs to be closed in a storage as part of my 2022 project list.

My Creative Approach for 2022 Projects

My new creative approach that I’ll be implementing for my 2022 project list is similar to what you would have recently seen in Sloane’s room update post. First, I go through, find some inspiration, and gather some ideas for how I want the space to look – wall treatments, colour scheme, overall vibe. Then, I go through function and layout of the room – including what larger pieces of furniture I have or are needed. I determine what I will be making vs. buying and my overall approach for how I’m tackling the room. Once I have all of this determined, I get going on my mood board, supplies list, and budgeting. The last part is still a work in progress, but at least I’m thinking about it now. 

Storage shed - blocked by another storage box) is another 2022 project on the list.

My 2022 Project List

Okay, well by now you know what the first 2022 project I’ll be tackling is: Sloane’s room. It is in progress, and actually very close to complete.

Some other projects I am aiming for this year:

  • A full customization of my little workshop (pictured above – need to flip it around, take out the fence, THEN fully deck it out)
  • Expanding my storage room in the basement (pictured below)
  • Updating the family room on the main floor (don’t tell but I think I want to rip out the moulding and do something different)
  • Front Entry Glam-Up (can anyone say porch swing?!)
  • Sloane’s bathroom (pictured above)
  • Sloane’s Play Room

Small Project Punch List

I also have a smaller punch list in rooms I want to complete:

  • Kitchen (okay it’s done but I desperately want new pendants)
  • Mudroom (I still haven’t painted the top of the top caps over the shiplap)
  • Living Room (expand curtain rod, end tables, art)

I love the concept of the one room challenge so much, that is my goal for this year: to focus on one room at a time until it is fully complete. Honestly there’s a 50/50 chance of me adding something different to the list too.

What’s on your project list for 2022?!