After my goofy bed-making reel last week, I had an overwhelming response to hear my opinions on bedding and what my favourite items are. I then thought back to how frequently I’ve been asked about my bedding details throughout my blogging journey. The answer is a lot.

Now, I’ve settled on bedding that I’m comfortable and happy with. The caveat there is still some (yes, more) throw pillows I’d like to get to include and get a long throw to span the bed’s width, but I’m about 85% of the way done on my bedding details.

Since 85% of the way done is pretty good and because most people would consider this bed complete, I’ve decided that it is completely reasonable to share my bedding details now, plus share what I intend to do with it to get it to be 100% complete… 

I’m telling you, our bedding is so comfy that even Sloane asks to nap here… with all eight million of her stuffies.

Signed Samantha's Bedding Details

Starting With the Throw

As I alluded to above I have some changes I intend to make on my bedding details which includes a larger throw that will span my bed’s width, but I haven’t found anything just yet. When I find what I want (which is boho cozy vibes) in the right length, I will be pulling the trigger. For now, what I’ve found is cozy boho vibes with tassels, but also neutral enough to fit my style that can be casually tossed along the corner of the bed.

This original blanket is from Anthropologie early in 2020 – you may want to check in-store, but this is the closest I could find online – which is a touch colourful for me but is a similar style concept.

Duvet and Sheets

First came this duvet cover. It was seriously game-changing. So soft, perfectly wrinkled – despite being passionate about how a bed is made, I’m not passionate about ironing my bedding, so the wrinkled look is my jam. The duvet cover is so soft, a beautiful colour, and hangs perfectly to my liking.

Next came these sheets. Now, I won’t pretend I was a little disappointed initially – they aren’t as soft as you’d think they should be. But after two nights of continuously sleeping like a dream on them, I jumped back in their court and am all about them. Plus, from everything I read, the more you wash linen, the softer it becomes. I anticipate because our duvet has had more washings than these sheets, they will quickly escalate to the same softness as we keep running through them. The same has gone for my linen PJ’s which I referenced in my bedtime necessities post (hint: this post will be updated very soon!).

For anyone looking for a Canadian company, (the above is American), I have heard nothing but great things about this bedding – I preferred the colour of the ones I got, and decided to maintain uniformity across the same brand for our bed. I don’t know why… I do strange things sometimes.

My Bedding Ideas: Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows

Okay, pillows, pillows, and more pillows are what completes my bedding details.

Remember when you were a kid and absolutely hated making your bed, hated the throw pillows that went along with them; why are they there, they are so pointless and just create more work for me kind of mentality. I suspect that’s how my husband feels now, but they are there to make you want to jump into your bed at night and bring out all the coziness.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law gifted me these beautiful throw pillows for my birthday/Christmas from a store located in Gibsons, B.C. and I’ve also linked some similar ones here and below.

To fully complete my bedding details, I’m looking at these extra-large king lounger pillows from RH, as well as a long lumbar pillow (taking suggestions – haven’t set on anything yet!) to go across the front. Excessive? Probably, but I’m in! Cozy hotel bedding vibes are my jam – as influenced by my mom.


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Sigend Samantha here, sharing my bedding details today while her and her daughter goofing around on the bed


  • Erin

    I love it all, so gorgeous!! Especially all the throw pillows. You can never have too many. 😉

    • Samantha

      Thank you so much, Erin. Pillows are a MUST. Never can you have too many!

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