Oh hey, mamas. How’s your face post-baby? Immediately post babe, my skin was awesome. It didn’t matter what my face routine looked like, my skin was amazing. It was back to all of its glory. Looking fresh, still young-ish and then something happened. Somewhere between 6 months – 1-year post-baby, my skin decided that it was going to go to a pre-teen acne era, coupled with tired mom eyes and wrinkles. I tried countless products to help get it under control.

Some products in my face routine kept my skin mediocre (which was the best it would get – pictured below) with a new friend popping up every few days for a consistent 2-3 zits at a time. Then I made a big change to Beauty Counter products. Holy, MOLY. There was about 2-3 months of a serious purge period for me. It was rather disgusting and never have I ever experienced anything like this.

signed samantha's face routine before she had a good one dialed

What Made an Impact in My Face Routine (Before Picture)

To be fair, this time period was also coupled with a copious amount of sugar intake. I had just discovered the best Haribo gummies – sweet and sour and holy moly I could down two packages a week. They were SO good. Anyways, that’s besides the point. Once that purging was done (along with my extreme sugar intake), my skin really bounced back. Every day it continues to get better and better.

I will attribute this to patience, persistence, a solid clean beauty face routine, and a serious reduction in sugar intake. Reduced sugar made the initial biggest impact in my face routine. The second biggest was definitely clean products from Beauty Counter.

Signed Samantha showing the effects of her great face routine - clear face limited blemishes

My Daily Face Routine (After Picture)

Here’s the routine that’s taken my face from so many WTF is happening moments to back to “normal” or a lot less crazy – as pictured above. 

Morning Routine (I have stopped washing my face fully in the morning). 

  • Toner to start and freshen up a little
  • Moisturizer specific to my face 
  • SPF on my skin
  • Make-up (sometimes lips, sometimes eyes, sometimes cheeks, usually nothing!)

Evening Routine:

  • Cleansing Balm on my face
  • Facial cleanser 
  • Toner/Resurfacing peel (alternating nights)
  • Moisturizer specific to my face

That’s it! Can you believe how simple my face routine is now?!

signed samantha is sharing her face routine and there are a number of products pictured which she uses daily.

My Beauty Counter Faves

Okay, so you’re wondering what products I’m talking about here… I’ll link what I use and a few extras that I love. Anything else you have a question about, I’m here to help. I know firsthand how frustrating constant breakouts in your 30s can be!

My face routine products:
Cleansing Balm (read all about it here)
Facial Cleanser
Resurfacing peel
SPF (literally the best, most lightweight, SPF ever)

Extra’s I love
Deodorant (again, the best clean deo I’ve found!!!)
Tinted moisturizer (with SPF)
Charcoal Face Mask
Sheer Lipstick
Eye Revive Cooling Masks
Lip Conditioner
Body Polish

I hope this helps your routine!