My First Impressions of My New Caraway Set

Oh my goodness, I’m so darn excited for the arrival of my new (gifted!) Caraway set! It was an adventure getting my new Caraway set over the Canadian border (don’t worry, Canada, I still have a link for you here!). Caraway doesn’t ship to Canada. My lovely step-brother and his girlfriend shlepped it over the border for me when they came for a visit. First and foremost, those boxes are massive, and they had to keep them in the apartment for a few weeks. Secondly, the size of the boxes might have triggered a search of their vehicle as they crossed the border adding unnecessary time to their journey. Needless to say, they deserve a mega thanks for getting it to me.

Caraway vs Our Place - caraway pots and pans sitting on a stove top.

Here’s What I Got from Caraway

I was sent both the cookware and bakeware sets from the Caraway team. The cookware set comes in different colours (I got cream, of course) and includes a saucepan, frypan, dutch oven, and saucepan. But, wait, there’s more! The set comes with magnetic storage for the pots and pans, and a lid holder. The storage might be one of my favourite parts! The bakeware set also comes with a storage solution and in a variety of colours (I also got cream for this one). The bakeware includes baking sheets, muffin pan, loaf pan, rectangle pan, cooling rack, square pan, and circles pans.

Caraway pots and pans storage in a drawer

My First Thoughts on the Caraway Sets

Without a doubt, my first thought was: “How gorgeous are these?!” They are truly stunning. I’m obsessed with the aesthetic. Pretty spaces need to have pretty cookware (IMO!), and Caraway doesn’t disappoint on this front. 11/10 on aesthetic.
I have dug into utilizing the cookware already. It is similar to the always pans in that you need to cook it on low, low heat. Once you’re accustomed to this, it’s very manageable. Plus, the cookware can go in the oven! Huge bonus. I need more time to give a full assessment of my thoughts but for now, although I’ve only had these for a week, they are fantastic.
The bakeware will be used this week too! I will report back with a review of the Caraway sets once I’ve fully had a chance to dig in. 
I also appreciate the storage solution which I touched on above. I actually wish every company sold their pots/pans with storage options because our drawers would be so darn organized. 
Caraway baking set storage in a cupboard

My Caraway Discount Code

Okay, it’s not a discount code, but it’s a discount. From now until June 1, this Caraway link will get you an additional 10% off your order. Sage was my second colour choice in the sets but they didn’t have it in the bakeware – until now! Now you can find both the marigold and the sage in the bakeware. Either colour is an amazing pops of colours for your spaces. 

Happy shopping, baking, and cooking! 

I’m off to bake some cupcakes now!!! 

Caraway pots and pans pictured in a kitchen on the stovetop