When we were first looking for a home, despite my must-have’s list being incredibly long, the most important one was to have a big, open kitchen with plenty of storage for all of my gadgets. You have all seen many photos of me in the kitchen, as well as food that’s been produced in my kitchen, but never have you seen a full-on kitchen tour! Since a tour was what you voted on seeing next, I thought I should give you a tour of the most photographed room in my house, especially because it’s really only one side that’s photographed frequently.

This kitchen tour should help orient you while I’m working away. This kitchen tour is of the room that needs to be cleaned the most. The definite heart of our home.

Here it is, my kitchen tour.

Signed Samantha's kitchen tour includes a 12 foot long island with a waterfall marble top, as is pictured here

12-Foot Long Kitchen Island

I’d be lying if I didn’t say this island didn’t draw me in instantly. Its 12 feet of length is a show-stopper and deserves to be the first stop on this kitchen tour.

The marble (it’s not actually marble, but I can’t remember what the stone is, LOL) waterfall simply makes me happy. On the backside of the island, tucked in the corner, are outlets for charging phones/pads/laptops. Or, obviously, for plugging in various appliances and working on the island.

The island also ends up being our catch-all. Sloane’s snacks end up going there, as do her activities, dishes, empty water glasses. You name it, it probably lives on the island counter for a few hours a day.

Signed Samantha's kitchen tour. White marble countertop, her stove is, then there are wooden cutting boards leaning against the back wall.

The Most Photographed Part of My Kitchen

This is the part of the kitchen tour where you easily see the most photographed area of my kitchen. If you remember, I did a full post on how to style your kitchen counters, and this area is one I am obsessed with.

It seems perfectly curated to me. Barely lived in but comfortable kind of vibes. Trust me when I say that barely lived in part is not true – but when it looks perfect – like this, it makes me extra happy.

We do have Alexa sitting on this side of the kitchen. Many people dislike her. I need her to set my timers and manage my grocery lists. Even if half of the time she gets it wrong.

In the tour of signed Samantha's kitchen, the pantry is actually tall, long cupboards. Then there is a little bar area to the left with decorative shelvs and a wine fridge

The Kitchen Pantry and Bar

We have arrived at the most critical part of this kitchen tour: the bar and the pantry. One is more important than the other; I’ll let you make assumptions on which it is.

While there is something magical about having a proper pantry, I love that our goods are all hidden away and that you cannot see what is behind these doors – it doesn’t stop me from wanting to make it perfect behind there (it is currently far from it).

The wine fridge is one of my favourite pieces in the house; I think it was a missed opportunity to have a bar fridge right next to it. That’s a down the line thing that’s on our never-ending list of things to do.

That concludes our kitchen tour! I hope you enjoyed it!

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  • Erin

    Oooh it’s all so gorgeous but I’m especially loving the island and the WINE FRIDGE. I just told my bf that I neeeeed a wine fridge asap (but I think we’re going to wait until we move out of this 1BR apartment that already doesn’t have enough space for our current stuff hehe).

    • Samantha

      Haha, I mean, I would argue that a wine fridge takes priority over most things… maybe even over a full fridge. ha!!

  • Amrit

    Love how sleek and clean your kitchen is! Total goals!!!

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