I hope all of my Canadian readers had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend (for my American friends, we celebrate in October!)! We were so lucky this weekend. McGregor and I and four other friends agreed to quarantine for two weeks before seeing one another INDOORS for dinner this past weekend. We haven’t had anyone except for family in our house since COVID started, and it was so nice and normal to be able to invite some of our best friends in.

I’m not fully here to talk about Thanksgiving, but instead, tell you that the October Q&A is ready to go!

I usually (can I even say usually? I have only done one before this for September) post it mid-month, but we are pretty much there. Plus, one of the questions I was asked had me wanting it to post this closer to Canadian Thanksgiving. I bet you can guess the question, but I felt it rather fitting to be posting right on the tail end of THANKSgiving.

Let’s get into this October Q&A.

Signed Samantha's October Q&A she is thankful for her daughter, pictured facing away from the camera, and her husband, pictured further in the background facing away from the camera.

October Q&A : Getting to Know Me

Q: What is your background?

A: I think this is around ethnicity? Maybe it’s educational? I’ll answer both!

I am half Vietnamese and one-quarter English and one-quarter German. I did do 23 and me, and there is a broader heritage there, but that’s the general breakdown.

In terms of educational background, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Environment and Sustainability from the University of British Columbia. I wish I did a business degree in hindsight as it is something applicable across all facets, but I’m learning as I go instead.

Q: Are you a full-time influencer? If not, what do you do for work?

A: When I started this blog, I was on maternity leave. I was set to go back to work early with the intention of going full time in April. However, COVID hit, and that idea went out of the window!

Before maternity leave, I was in urban planning and communications for a local Vancouver company but for now, I’m a “full-time” influencer, mom, and house manager.

I did miss working, so I decided to come back to the blogging world. I’ve been able to use another part of my brain that I’ve been missing since becoming a mom. It’s been an incredibly fun journey. I will continue to work hard at it, even once I’m back as a urban planner and communications person!

Q: What is something you are currently learning?

A: I love this question! I feel like I’m learning new things constantly in all aspects of my life. That’s my goal anyway.

I’m always seeking out ways to help Sloane learn (which is me learning to help someone else learn), well everything. Right now, I’ve unintentionally lacked with her language development as I’ve been speaking in full sentences to her. Although she understands clearly, it is not conducive to her learning to speak herself.

I’m also learning daily about blogging, becoming more creative, and how to become better at utilizing social media.

Finally, on a personal growth level, I’m learning how to be more aware of my actions and, in turn, understand other people’s actions better. It’s taken COVID and a difference of opinions with what our comfort level is vs. other’s people’s comfort level to understand that. I may not agree with what another family feels is safe, and likewise, they may not agree with what we are doing, but I’m certainly in no position to guilt them or tell them what they are doing is wrong. In this particular instance, everyone has their own comfort; I respect that and feel others should too. This example translates to almost everything in life.

October Q&A: Opinion Questions

Q: How do you keep your baby busy so you can work?

A: This is a good question because I’ve been trying to figure this out as I go. It’s not super simple.

I generally reserve my computer time to occur when Sloane is asleep because that is nearly impossible to do with her awake.

As far as producing and coming up with content, I usually do that with Sloane and am always coming up with things on the go. If I’m making something, I will definitely include her in it in some capacity. She wants to be part of what I’m doing, so I think about ways to work her in.

For the Halloween Bat Decor I just did, I knew she couldn’t help trace or cut, but she could help decorate the walls and so that’s what she got to participate in, and loved it.

I’ve also mandated that between 4:30-5:30 its independent playtime for Sloane; this has been working ever since I reduced the number of toys I put out for her and provided I’ve made sure she has just had a snack.

That being said, a pile of veggies straws would also entertain her for a while.

If I really need to get something done with her, I will pull out an activity similar to what I’m doing for her to do. Then she feels like she is part of it and moans and groans a little less…

Q: Do you think November 1 is too early to put up a Christmas Tree?

A: Now that I have Sloane, I don’t think November 1st is too early. If you asked me two years ago, I’d say you have to wait until after my birthday (in December) and then do it. LOL.

BUT, it is so much work putting up holiday decorations so you should get to enjoy them for a few months. Stores already have their Christmas decor out ready for you to purchase so, I vote to do it!  

October Q&A : Reflection

Q: What are you thankful for this year?

A: This question for my October Q&A made me want to post this close to Thanksgiving weekend. I feel like it should be a question at all times, but Thanksgiving brings about a lot of reflecting for the year. Here are the top things I’m thankful for this year:

+ Sloane and McGregor. This seems obvious, but sometimes I need to step back and take in how lucky I am with these two. There’s no one else I’d rather be quarantined with than them.

+ That Sloane, McGregor, and I, as well as our extended families and friends all have their health. This year more than ever, I feel this is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

+ For great family and friends that always have your back. With the rollercoaster few years we’ve had, I know who I can call at the drop of a hat and who will be there for any of us instantly. For that, I am eternally grateful.

+ For my followers and readers on here. When someone messages me or sends me a note telling me they are really enjoying the content I’m producing, likes, or comments on an IG post or blog post, it truly makes my day. For all of you amazing followers, I am grateful – you help motivate me to keep producing fun content and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it!

Those are my top four; I feel like I could write a novel on this, though. I will spare you and end this October Q&A here.

Happy turkey coma day!

Signed Samantha's October Q&A her and her daughter are walking along a pumpkin lined path facing away from the camera.


  • Anisha Somji

    Love this post! ?

  • Erin

    Love this style of post! Do you feel like it was a lot more difficult to put in the work on the blog/etc. when you were working full time at your job? I’ve been trying to balance everything, and it can definitely be challenging at times!

    That’s awesome that you find a way to include Sloane in a lot of your projects. I’m sure she enjoys it so much!

    • Samantha

      Great question, Erin! I definitely felt computer burn out when I was working full-time and blogging. I always loved creating but never sitting back down in front of a computer. Now it’s like a refreshing break where I challenge myself creatively in my writing as well as the content I’m producing. I’m not sure how I’ll feel after going back to work…! As you mentioned, the balance will be hard.

  • Sherri

    Great post Samantha- I am truly loving and appreciating how committed and open you are to this new(ish) journey of becoming an influencer. It’s not easy to open yourself up to others. Some of whom you know personally and some of whom are complete strangers. Through these connections you expand both personally and professionally. Well done and great Q&A!

    • Samantha

      Thank you, Sherri! It’s definitely a fine balancing act of maintaining my privacy but sharing bigger moments that people want to be part of. It’s been a fun journey so far though!

  • Karen

    Amazing post Samantha! I did not know that you were a blogger and had such an interesting website (that’s because I’m so behind the times and not very computer savvy!) 🙂 I plan to take some time to look around the site, but from what I have seen… you are truly inspirational!! Very well done!

    • Samantha

      Thank you, Auntie Karen!! It’s been a little passion project of mine for a while now. I’m so glad you found it. Lots of love xoxo

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