One Room Challenge – Fall 2021 | Week 1: Home Office

This home office space! It’s driving me totally batty and I’ve talked about redoing this space for far too long. Well, guess what, world. Now is the time and it’s happening! We were lucky enough to find some perfectly nice but mismatched furniture to hold me over (see here for my home office tour, which has since changed configurations), but I spend far too much time in that office for it to look as chaotic as it does. Alas, let’s pull it together and make it pretty shall we?!

I’m certain you’re wondering why now ?! Maybe you’re not but let’s pretend you are for fun…!

Well, now makes sense because I’m participating in this fall’s One Room Challenge!

Fall 2021 One Room Challenge - Home Office space pictured a desk, chair, and blanket and a big old mess!

What is the One Room Challenge?


Not sure what the One Room Challenge is? Fair, I wasn’t either until recently. From my reading, it was started by a woman who couldn’t finish one full room in her home.

Sound familiar?

Cue, half done living room, bedroom, kitchen etc…

So she smartly challenged a group of friends to update/renovate/complete one full room in their homes. Clearly, several individuals need this motivation as there is now there is a relatively large group of participants in the event. There are 20 main participants and several guest participants (including yours truly!) who have 8 weeks to complete ONE room in their home. My room = my sad home office.

Does this sound motivating you? It’s motivating me otherwise I think I’d be sitting on this home office makeover longer. 

Are you curious to see what others are up to?

You can follow along with everyone’s project on the One Room Challenge’s blog.

Signed Samantha's Home Office space two desks, a dresser, a bunch of random stuff on the desks and on the ground.

My Home Office Space

If you’re joining me from the ORC page, I’m so glad you’re here and can’t wait to share this journey with you! I’m a Canadian mama of one who has a passion for DIY, Home Decor, and cooking! There is a lot you can explore on this blog so please, have a peek around or sign up for my newsletter!

Regardless of whether or not you’re new here, you can clearly see that I’ve been debating how to update this office space for so long that it’s turned into quite the disaster zone. I opted not to clean up for these photos because then you can really see what I need – some hidden storage, some new decor, and some shelf space to style properly!

Stay tuned for the next update as we start the first project. I can’t wait to make over this home office with you and imagine there will be a ton of blood (hope not!!), sweat (yes a lot!) and tears (… probably, haha!) !!!

Fall 2021 One Room Challenge - Home Office space pictured a desk, chair, and blanket and a big old mess!

Let’s get this space into a much prettier condition!


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