One Room Challenge – Week 3 Update: We Have Brick!

My garage is still a hot mess going into week three but what can I say except for…. life! I am starting to think that this garage makeover might turn into 1/3 of the garage aka workshop makeover. At this rate, the garage may very well continue into the Fall 2022 One Room Challenge. I am ok with this. That being said, I do have an exciting update that starts with b and ends with rick… YEP! It’s brick! And it’s gorgeous!

faux brick wallpaper walls in white brick - it looks so realistic

I Added Faux Brick to the Walls

So I know, it’s extra. I mean it’s a garage and it’s also my workstation and it’s going to get FILTHY. But I do love pretty things including pretty spaces and I workout here (that’s a lie – I rarely workout) and do projects here (truth) so spend a decent amount of time in the garage. I am justified for adding brick to the walls, right? It is faux brick and my friend Ghalia used it on her home office which looked gorgeous. Also, I feel like I should tell you – given how expensive wallpaper typically is – that this wall only cost me $100 to add faux brick. That’s insanely inexpensive and was my deciding factor to go for it – I’m not that extravagant, ok?! This faux brick wallpaper is from Home Depot. It’s wipeable, paintable, and darn right perfect. It feels almost foamy to the touch – but gives a perfect brick texture.

Plus, I feel like a wallpaper pro at this point (here’s a post on how to install peel and stick wallpaper, a link to a review on a high-quality peel and stick, and here’s one for glue-based wallpaper (did I mention this faux brick is a glue-based wallpaper?!) and this only took me two hours once the prep was done.

To prep the space, I moved everything strategically to the middle of my garage so I can’t move around fluidly throughout my garage… I also cleaned the walls and baseboards, then added a fresh coat of paint to the baseboards, and painted the door with a fresh coat of white. The white we have in our house is so stark and cold and I decided to warm it up with a creamier white this time. Plus, I had quite a bit leftover from Sloane’s bathroom makeover – which was Home Hardware’s BeautiTone Western White at 25% strength. Super gorgeous.

faux brick wallpaper walls in white brick - it looks so realistic - with a huge mess of random garage items in front of it - tools, incomplete work benches, etc.

Now that the Brick’s Done Here’s What I Hope to Achieve This Week

Okay, that brick wall is a big weight off my shoulders – but I still do need to paint the rest of the garage, which I may continue to tackle in batches to make it manageable – but not next week. Next week I hope to finish framing the second workbench (the mitre saw station) and MAYBE, just maybe, enclose both stations. That’s super achievable for week 4 and then after that, we can chat through the doors for the workstations and painting… and the rest of the garage.

For now, we are celebrating the littlest wins and that is BRICK WALLS. Because they are gorgeous and I’m beyond obsessed.

If you’re behind, here’s my post on week 1 and week 2 of the One Room Challenge. And, you can see what everyone else is brewing up for week 2 on the One Room Challenge Blog! There are so many great spaces out there – I’m so excited to see what everyone else brings!