One Room Challenge Week 7 | Bookshelf Styling

It’s week 7 of the one room challenge, can you even believe it?! It’s felt like we’ve been motoring through this challenge now that we are approaching the end of it all. There’s so much that so many people have accomplished up to week 7 and this week, I’m trying to take a step back and realize that. For week 7 and 8, I didn’t/don’t have a lot left to do on my DIY office renovation. Really all that was left was finishing the bookshelves (DONE!) and decorating (ongoing!).

It’s sneaky of me but for week 7, I also didn’t want to give away the entire look of the built-ins because well, that’s obviously meant for the reveal! So instead, I’ve opted to share the completed bookshelves (aren’t they gorgeous?!?!?!) and the almost completed shelfie decor.


One Room Challenge Week 7! Office sneak peak of a shiplap wall and built in bookshelves styled with neutral colours.

Week 7: Built-In Bookshelves Done!

Soon I will grace you with a tutorial on the DIY bookshelves – because they are completely from scratch and were actually quite simple to make. And I mean come on, they are SO gorgeous.

However, for now, you get the pleasure of viewing the nearly completed shelfie decor and for those interested, how I approached styling these.

One Room Challenge Week 7! Office sneak peak of a shiplap wall and built in bookshelves styled with neutral colours.

One Room Challenge: Week 7 | Styling Shelves


Shelf styling can be my nemesis so I really decided to focus on that for week 7. I approached the styling in a few ways: 

  1. Colour palette – we all knew I was going to go neutrals, but which neutrals was I going with?! I did pick a range of creams and blacks because that’s what I love. I’m not sure if the blacks will stay for the big reveal because it gets a little bit lost behind the dark green but I’m working on a potential solution to be able to keep it. 
  2. Texture, texture, texture: I also picked some texture to play into this including incorporating metal elements and woven baskets to just spice it up a little bit. 
  3. Greenery: most of these plants are real. Let’s see if I can keep them alive. 
  4. Simplicity: I wanted to keep it as simple as possible and let the design of the actual bookshelves and entire built-in pieces speak for themselves. 

How am I doing?! Any shelfie styling pro’s out there who can help!?!?


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