One Room Challenge Week 7 – Garage Side 2/3 Complete!

Where did weeks 1-7 go?! It feels like this season’s One Room Challenge has flown by far too quickly. With only one week left, I’m crossing my fingers and toes that I will complete the garage on time. I’ve been a busy bee tackling little tasks I’ve been holding off on. My favourite part is that I’m done painting the walls – thank goodness! I am also excited to announce that yet another little section of the garage is done and organized. So much progress. So little time. Let’s see how far we’ve come this week!

garage storage system for the garage gym.

Garage Gym Storage

The garage gym now has a racking system for optimal storage and organization. There are also a few little baskets that I’ve turned into a toy zone for Sloane to be able to grab anything she wants to play with. One thing that wasn’t the best before is all of her toys were way up high. Now she can see what she has and pick anything she wants to play with. Similarly, all of our gym equipment is easily accessible and viewable. It was me in particular who needed this – I have some bands (booty bands, as Target called them) that I had, a ton of boxing wraps, and focus mitts I couldn’t see before. Now, voila! All accessible and super tidy looking. It’s the way to my heart.

mitre saw station in the making

Workbench Updates

The workbenches saw some progress as well. I covered up the sides that aren’t getting doors with plywood. I also had a ton of leftover beadboard from the bathroom update so opted to utilize that to cover the plywood. This was a total game-changer in the prettiness factor of the workbenches. Never would I have spent money on the beadboard but since it was here, why not! It looks so great.

Now really all that is left is doors and painting the benches. Hopefully, I can handle that for next week. 

Bougie workbenches for the garage – almost there!

Sorry about the progress photo. I still need to figure out what lumber I need for these doors! So it’s all currently MEGA in the way of the workbenches.

garage storage system for the garage gym.

Garage Organization

The last thing I did was organize the garage. I got a super affordable pegboard from Ikea to place the items I use daily on, I got a tool chest to organize a ton of stuff into, and I have below the workbenches. Everything has a home and the garage isn’t a hot mess where I can’t find what I need. Future Samantha tackling projects is going to thank me for this organization and new functional garage workspace.

The only thing that will not be done on time for sure is my curtain system – which does need to happen soon. Basically, as soon as Ikea gets the curtain rods back in stock!!

If you’re behind, here’s my post on week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, and week 6 of the One Room Challenge. And, you can see what everyone else is up to this week on the One Room Challenge Blog! There are so many great spaces out there – I’m so excited to see what everyone else brings!