One Room Challenge – Week 8 and What Should be My Room Reveal

Week 8 of the ORC and what should be my room reveal but is instead an unfinished cabinet

ell, here we are on week 8 of the One Room Challenge. The final week. Where I should be presenting you with a fully completed room. I have failed and here you have my incomplete room but still a lot of good inspiration and passion going into it. Not to fear, once I have a complete room, I will update this post and link it here. For now, it is coming along and we aren't too far off (minus the dang furniture delays!!!).

family room update that includes a new rug and limewash on the walls nearly a room reveal

What’s Different From Last Week?

The cabinet – the cabinet is slightly different. McGregor, bless him, sanded his heart out this weekend and made a massive dent on completing the cabinet. It’s nearly ready for stain and I cannot wait to get this baby into the family room. Once it’s in, the room is going to transform for the better. Once it’s in, I’ll also be more willing to commit to some art above the sofa and the removal of my cute jute area rug in front of the patio sliders.
an almost room reveal - except that the cabinet pictured here is completely unfinished

What’s Left That Should be Done This Week?

Aside from staining the cabinet, the furniture and the art are what’s left. We’ve both agreed we think two chairs in the family room might be a fun addition. But we want to see what the table will look like here first. January cannot come soon enough! 

What You Should do While You Wait for My Finished Family Room

You should check out everyone else’s completed spaces in the One Room Challenge because I’m certain people have crushed it. You can head over to the ORC blog here and see all of the completed spaces.

You could also head over to my garage and see my completed garage. Or my office space from last year.

Or you can wait, super patiently, for an update on the completion of this room. It’s coming – I promise. You can sign up to my newsletter and be one of the first to be notified of when it’s done!