Otto Studio: Peel and Stick Wallpaper

This post is sponsored by Otto Studio, however, all opinions are my own.

Here we go – another round of peel and stick wallpaper. If you’ve been a long-time reader, you’re probably wondering how hesitant I was when Hannah, one of the co-founders of Otto Studio, reached out to me to introduce me to their peel and stick wallpaper. The answer is very. Not because she isn’t the loveliest person ever (fact: she is indeed the loveliest person), but because my first experience with peel and stick wallpaper (from an entirely different brand who shall remain unnamed) was, well, a little bit traumatizing to say the least. Luckily Hannah took the time to address each of my concerns over several conversations and reassured me in the most tangible way – with a sample of Otto’s products – that this experience would be a lot different. She eventually talked me back into the world of peel and stick; I was ready to give it another whirl. Let’s see how it went, shall we?

Otto studio's peel and stick wallpaper in polka pop - tangerine is on the wall with a desk and laptop in front. Signed Samantha is sitting on the desk in front

The Quality of Otto Studio’s Peel and Stick Wallpaper

As I alluded to above, peel and stick wallpaper can a bit of a tricky beast – you can’t adjust it as easily as you can adjust a glue-based wallpaper when it’s on the wall. You must be precise and accurate when placing your peel and stick because it’s effectively a sticker – once it’s on, it’s on and it’s not going anywhere. Well sort of, you can peel it off to fully remove it when you’re ready for a change. You can also peel it off to realign it and try again which is something I certainly have to do several times when starting my next panel to line up the pattern just right. The thing is, when you’re peeling back wallpaper that’s already been stuck on the wall, you run the risk of stretching out your wallpaper and not being able to align the pattern properly. I have always had to realign almost every panel I’ve ever installed.

The crazy part is when I was realigning Otto’s wallpaper, it did not stretch and low and behold the patterns lined up! I’m guessing this has to do with the thickness of the wallpaper. Nevertheless, gently peeling it back to realign the pattern perfectly was no problem. Every piece fully retained its shape and I didn’t see any stretching – I was really impressed and, honestly, relieved. I will say without a doubt, the quality of Otto’s peel and stick wallpaper improved my ability to install it myself. I will also say I not only loved the thickness of the wallpaper but also the slight texture it has – any imperfections on the wall were well hidden thanks to this texture. Overall, I’ll give the wallpaper quality from Otto Studio good – it is both thick and luscious, plus, has a nice texture – all things I now know to look for when wallpaper shopping.

But seriously, check out this before and after – see the personality the wallpaper brings into the space?! And, can you see the seams? Exactly. The patterns line up perfectly – thanks to the quality!

blank wall where wallpaper will be installed
Otto studio's peel and stick wallpaper in polka pop - tangerine is on the wall with a desk and laptop in front.

Could Anyone Install Otto Studio’s Peel and Stick Wallpaper?

Whenever I do a project, I always ask myself if I think anyone (i.e., not someone who spends their spare time doing DIY projects) could pick it up and do it. Before I tired Otto’s wallpaper, I would have said no but they have changed my response! IF you have high quality, thick wallpaper (aka peel and stick wallpaper from Otto Studio’s) the answer is yes, I have the utmost faith that anyone could tackle this. Of course, I would still suggest starting small – like a feature wall or an easy room (NOT a powder room). A small, non-complicated space is one thousand percent something you could tackle at home with no experience. If you are considering Otto, they have a full, easy to follow tutorial on their website laid out for you which I found to be quite helpful to watch before starting.

Otto studio's peel and stick wallpaper in polka pop - tangerine is on the wall with a desk and laptop in front.

Tips for Purchasing Peel and Stick Wallpaper + A Discount Code

I now have a specific set of criteria I will be looking for when considering peel and stick wallpaper and I am happy to report, Otto Studio meets them. The most important is being able to get a sample – not only is this helpful to visualize the pattern in your space but it also gives you the opportunity to do a quality check and confirm thickness of the peel and stick wallpaper. 

PS – I have the polkapop in tangerine pictured throughout this post.

Happy wallpapering!