Outdoor Patio Table Refinishing

While this patio table refinished is totally gorgeous and complete goals, I have a super important PSA to share with you today: YOU CAN ENTER TO WIN A $5,000 MAKEOVER FOR YOUR OUTDOOR PATIOS! My friends at Ethical Bean have seriously brought on the best contest anyone could ask for this summer .

Okay, now onto this outdoor patio table. What an insane difference refinishing it has made! Honestly, I was so excited at the prospect of al fresco dining that I never paid attention to how orange the wood was (before pictured later on this post). That is until I realized it wasn’t sealed and orange tones were coming off on my cloth every time I cleaned the table. I supposed that’s what you get when shopping more affordably at HomeSense. Luckily it was fixable and the result is so beautiful.

Now my outdoor patio dining table set has the perfect rustic RH-like finish for a fraction of the price.

If you’re thinking of refinishing your outdoor patio furniture, I would say you could do it. This DIY is really easy, but it does require a high level of detail and an extreme level of patience. As long as you have those things, you’re good to go.

Signed samantha's newly restained patio table. It is stained a rustisc brown natural wood like colour.

What You Need to Refinish Your Outdoor Patio Table.

Here’s what you need to refinish your outdoor patio table:

  • Orbital Sander
  • 120 and 220 grit sand paper
  • Painters tape
  • Cloths/rags to clean the table
  • Paint brushes
  • White Paint (to whitewash) 
  • Rustoleum Aged Glaze 
  • Outdoor stain sealer (I used water based as it doesn’t add a yellow-tinge)
  • Gloves (to save your hands from the glaze)
  • Something to apply and wipe off the paint/glaze with 


Samantha's outdoor patio table pre-refinishing. It has quite orange tones.
Samantha's outdoor patio table when sanded and chairs not sanded. The chairs have quite orange tones. Whereas the sanded table the orange is removed.

How to Refinish Your Outdoor Patio Table (for perfect al fresco dining)

1. Tape off anywhere you don’t want to refinish your table. For me, it was the metal pieces. I taped off where I thought my sander could hit and places I wanted to protect from getting paint on them.
2. Sand the wood. Obviously, this tutorial only works if your piece is also wood. I sanded first using 100 grit sandpaper and followed it up with 220 grit.
3. Using a wet cloth, wipe down the sawdust off of your table.
4. Take your whitewash (25% white paint and 75% water mixed in a cup) and paint it onto your surface. Allow a few minutes to dry (I’m so impatient this is 10 max. and it’s been ok!).
5. Add glaze over top of your whitewash. I like to use gloves when working with the glaze because of how messy it is. I also apply with one of the Scott’s towels and then smooth out the layer with a clean towel. Do a second coat if necessary. The full process is saved to my highlights on this outdoor patio table.
6. Then I let it dry overnight.
7. The next morning, seal it with two coats of exterior wood sealant. Once your second coat is done, remove your tape.
8. Let it dry and you’re off to the races!

Signed samantha's newly restained patio table. It is stained a rustisc brown natural wood like colour.


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