Parachute Bedding Review

Parachute bedding review by Signed Samantha picture of a bed with parachute linen bedding on it

nvestment in bedding is a huge deal for so many people. The struggle to want to invest in bedding - I get - it took me a long time to come around. The first problem is that they are expensive, and the second is that because they’re so pricey, if you want to make sure that you’re buying some quality bedding, otherwise it feels like you’re wasting your money. Given the world of online buying, choosing bedding is hard, but on one faithful day, I made the leap and bought new Parachute bedding. Lucky for you, I have had the Parachute bedding for almost two years now, and I am here to give you my honest Parachute bedding review. Not only do I have the sheet set but I also have a duvet cover and insert so get cozy, grab your tea and snuggle into the linen sheets of your dreams.

parachute bedding on top of a bed - linen duvet cover and duvet insert with stools at the bottom of the bed

The Parachute Duvet Cover Review

Kicking off this Parachute bedding review is my first purchase from Parachute: the duvet cover. It was honestly love at first sight… or touch… however, you want to look at it. After unwrapping the box, it was clear, the duvet cover was soft as butter and something I wanted to snuggle up with at night. Following the first wash and placement on the bed, it was love at second sight – that perfect relaxed crinkle linen look was achieved. It instantly took the look of our bedroom from ok to pretty luxurious – it happened to also instantly elevate the quality of my sleep. Just kidding. Nothing can help my sleep.

My duvet cover is in the colour fog and is the perfect gray tone. You close the bottom of the duvet by buttoning up a row of buttons, which honestly is not my favourite, but it seems to be the norm. All four corners of the inside of this duvet cover have ties to attach your duvet insert into to prevent it from moving about – which I love and should be in all luxury bedding duvet covers.

The duvet cover for our regular king-sized bed is a great fit and slightly oversized – the look I love. You see, Parachute’s duvet covers are the same size for Kings and Cali Kings which is great for me because it feels oversized – something that’s hard to find. Needless to say, my first portion of the Parachute bedding review, duvet cover, 10/10.

parachute bedding on top of a bed - linen duvet cover and duvet insert with stools at the bottom of the bed

The Duvet Insert from Parachute Review

Now as alluded to above, the duvet covers are king/cali king in size so you will likely need to upgrade to the correct size duvet insert. You can fit a regular king duet insert into (duh, it’s smaller!) – but that means somebody is going to be left without any insert pouf on their side of the bed. The duvet insert from Parachute – in a king – is substantially bigger than a regular king-sized duvet insert and I am a big fan.

For the record, I still think it could be a little bit bigger. Do you know how you get that overstuffed look in your pillows? You put an insert in that is one size bigger. It would be great if they made the inserts bigger than a king so you could get that overstuffed look in your duvet! Not only is this Parachute bedding review helping you, but hey Parachute, I have some great marketing ideas!!! For the record, you can still get a pretty good cloud-like look.

I also should note, I got the down-alternative duvet insert and I love it. It feels like down, it poufs like down, obsessed!

The Parachute Sheet Set Review

When I first got the sheets, I was stunned that they weren’t nearly as soft as the duvet cover. The duvet cover’s softness completely overshadows the softness of the sheets. When I first got the sheets, I wanted to sleep next to the duvet cover and wanted almost nothing to do with the sheets. Alas, I persevered and after about six months and several washes, they did get to be quite a bit softer. But it took a long time.

Now I love the sheets, but my husband does not. He feels they are too hot. In fairness, they are a little warmer. But I like to be very warm and cozy while I’m sleeping. Linen says it is supposed to also be cooling but I don’t get that vibe from these or any other linen sheets I’ve slept on. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Or maybe it’s all a ruse.

My husband also really likes super tight fitted sheets and you may notice that the linen lock does not adhere to those rules. So if you’re a more relaxed, cozy, luxurious-look kind of person. The linen sheets might be for you, but if you’re going to be ironing them daily, I would probably stick to a different material.

Overall, I love my parachute sheet set, duvet insert, and duvet cover. Since this is a review, I should note that I believe Parachute provides you with quality products and their customer service has been excellent. I had one small hiccup with my shipping – with one email they fixed it right away. So if you do like a good cozy relaxed linen vibe I would say that parachute sheets and duvets and inserts are worth the investment. Plus if you’re like me and you’re favourite thing is crawling into bed at night, I think good bedding is worth investing in.