Plans to Update Sloane’s Builder Grade Bathroom

Starting this year off strong with projects. I have lots of rooms to complete and the next one is underway: updating Sloane’s builder grade bathroom and elevating it to a zen and mature sanctuary. Not because she has asked me for a mature sanctuary, but because I’ve been anxiously waiting for our view from hallway to be straight out of some refined magazine. This builder grade bathroom update will make that view come to life.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with Sloane’s bathroom in its current state I do think there’s lots of room for improvement. It feels rather cold and stark. It could use some warmth and personality.

a builder grade bathroom with a full builder grade mirror, silver sconces, a stool and a bunch of children's books and toiletries on the counter

Design for the Builder Grade Bathroom Update

With my design for this builder grade bathroom update, that warmth and personality will come right out. Here’s what I’m thinking:
  • Ditch the existing mirror and the sconces (pssst I’ve started – see how to remove a builder grade mirror here)
  • Tall bead-board but not to the ceiling
  • Warmer paint colours – thinking something in the creamy warm white family – lighter on the walls above the bead-board and darker on the bead-board
  • A fresh coat of paint on Sloane’s step stool (the colour has always been a slight miss for me – but it is a really easy DIY you can find here)
  • Two new mirrors
  • Two new sconces
  • New towel hooks and toilet paper holders
updating a builder grade bathroom using this moodboard with bronze accents, creamy whites, and sage greens.

Now that I’ve sneakily already done the removal of the builder grade mirror, it’s time to tackle some beadboard! Let’s do this!!!!