The panel moulding update in the primary bedroom feels like so long ago now so I feel as if I needed to provide you with an update on how this room is coming together as well as some tips as to how I have made our primary bedroom feel cozier. There is one key change that I’m completely obsessed with at this point but there is still a ton more to come.

This has turned into a place where I come and sit and unwind after a long day – it almost (ALMOST) makes me want a TV in here so we could enjoy a show or movie after a long week (or day). But then I remember we really don’t watch TV and what a waste that would be. You’ll also note that there is only a view of one portion of our room – the rest while nearly complete is currently filled with toddler books due to them being a hazard in Sloane’s room over nap time LOL.

Signed Samantha's primary bedroom with a big king sized bed, cozy rug underneath, a nice long bench, an olive tree in the corner and several pillows on the bed. Signed Samantha is sitting on the bench

Make Your Bedroom Cozier

Okay, I really need to highlight what a difference a rug has made in this room. Talk about creating a warm inviting and cozy space – the answer is to add a rug! This rug, in Java from Loloi’s Hathaway collection, perfectly compliments the colours of the furniture in our space and ties it all together beautifully. I am obsessed to say the least – you can find it on Amazon and HomeSense frequently carries Loloi – but I haven’t seen this rug at HomeSense!

Another great tip for warming up a space is to add cozy blankets and pillows. I know most partners who aren’t reading this blog are totally rolling their eyes at me – mine included. But truly it makes a huge difference in a space that has none vs. a space that has an abundance (and I would take the abundance over none).

Finally, I love adding greenery and warmth into rooms – it adds another colour I would be unlikely to willingly add in any other capacity – only in it’s natural plant form.

These are all easily implementable into your primary bedroom and will completely change the look and feel of the space – it’ll quickly become a sanctuary you want to spend all of your time in. I have some of my favourite items below for your shopping pleasure.


Signed Samantha's primary bedroom with a big king sized bed, cozy rug underneath, a chair and seating area, an olive tree in the corner and several pillows on the bed.

Bench vs. Designated Seating Areas in Primary Bedrooms

Now, for a debate: seating/lounge-like area vs. bench in your primary bedroom – what’s your preference. I’m currently in the middle of this debate myself – hence the two pictures of different layouts. I would eventually change out the pink chair for two matching ones (I wanted two boucle ones but apparently it looks too much like a poodle – LOL) so you must use a little imagination there, but I think you can get the vibe.

What do you think? Bench? Seating area? What are you gravitating towards in the primary bedroom?


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