Review: Thane Steam Mop

If you’re obsessed with having a clean house then this thane steam mop review is a must-read for you. A steam mop is one of those items that brings your house from being probably very clean already (presumably if you’re here reading this) to next-level sanitized clean with the power of hot, hot heat. This review would have been well suited to come at the beginning of covid when everyone was taking Lysol wipes to absolutely everything (I’m still guilty of this) but I only just found out that my steam mop turns into a handheld device that can be used on a million other things (carpet, stove top, counters, etc.) and now, given how much it can accomplish, feel that it is quite the worthy share that more people should know about.

thane steam mop review with the steam mop on the ground

My First Experience with the Steam Mop

My mother-in-law purchased this for my husband and I when we moved into a very temporary, very disgusting rental suite. After we got the keys and started to clean, it felt like there was literally nothing in that moment that was going to help us feel comfortable walking on the floors in bare feet. There were caked on stains from years and years of having people less than obsessed with having a clean home living there.

After several highly discouraging moments when cleaning, this little steam mop was taken to the floors and the walls (the mop is definitely not advertised for walls but it was necessary, and the building was getting torn down so if we damaged it – which we didn’t – we wouldn’t have been in too much trouble). The steam mop did a great job getting a ton of the caked-on garbage off – we were highly impressed. Truth be told, the mop’s pads needed to be disposed of because, well, they were black and wouldn’t come clean in the wash, but they certainly did their job. For the record, we did, on occasion, feel comfortable enough to walk around in our bare feet after the steam mop was taken to it – but it only happened on occasion because it was negative one hundred degrees in there so slippers were a must.

Signed Samantha mopping her mudroom using the thane steam mop

Thane Steam Mop 5 in 1

Well, it’s been over three years since the steam mop entered our house and well, I recently learned that the trusty steam mop does a heck of a lot more than steam just floors. Usually I’m a big advocate for instruction manuals but this one slipped through the cracks! Anyways, after three years, there was new button discovery that happened here – a magical button that turns the steam mop into a little hand-held device suitable for cleaning/steaming windows, mirrors, countertops, back splash, stove tops, bathrooms, carpet, upholstery, clothing, and the list goes on. It is far more versatile and has been getting used a lot more now that I know all of this.

thane steam mop review with the hand held version of the mop removed from the larger mop

Overall Impressions of the Thane Steam Mop

Overall, I love this thing. My favourite feature is how hot and steamy it gets (LOL) – predominately because I know that no germs remain once the steam mop tackles a surface.

Floors: Clearly, the thane steam mop does a good job on floors – especially if you have caked on items you just cannot get off. You but you do need to be cautious on wood floors because the pads can get quite wet. We keep ours on the lowest setting and make sure to move swiftly but firmly so the mop pads aren’t getting soaked but the floor is still getting sanitized and the caked on junk a toddler brings is getting removed. If they do get too wet, we swap them out mid cleaning and start with a dry one.

Counters: Aside from floors, my favourite thing to clean with my steam mop is the counter tops. I always spray and wipe them down first – as if I normally would when cleaning them. The best is the final step of the steam mop. Any residual, fingerprints, little dust particles, etc. that the cloth may have missed are removed with the steam mop! For the counters, it also gets pretty wet and will need to be wiped down afterwards – there is a squeegee attached that works well but there is still a pool of water that will need to be wiped up.

Carpets: I LOVE this feature. Especially with a toddler. Sanitizes, and removes actual caked on/baked in/ forgotten/ hidden things. Not sure what is caked on in the carpet given Sloane is only allowed to eat in the kitchen or dining room, but there are still random things that need to go and this steam mop removes it like a hot damn.

Thane steam mop review with the attachments pictures on the counter -

Overall, I would recommend this mop to anyone who might be interested in a more sanitized, pristine home. In case you’re wondering, we have the 5-in-1 version (the green and black combo one below) – I’ve linked a few more of their options but I’m not sure if they have the same features as ours.

Happy cleaning.


  • Steph

    Can you use this on marble bathroom floor. Looking to somehow clean our white grout. (That was a mistake)


    • Samantha

      Hi Steph,

      Great question! The instruction manual online says it is ok to use on marble – I would say, I think the steam would help loosen things up but you’d probably need another scrub (less intense than you’d need if you didn’t loosen things up with the steam mop first) to get it nice and clean! I hope that helps a little bit!


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