Okay, well, obviously, I’m full in on Halloween now!!! First my D.I.Y Halloween Bats and now Rockstud Pumpkins?!

“Me” from two years ago doesn’t even recognize the “me” today. Honestly, I will say it’s all because of Sloane. The excitement she expressed after she saw my boring rockstud pumpkins made me so happy. We also made her own pumpkin, which you will see later in this post – she also expressed extreme excitement over that one. 

I absolutely love watching the magic of pretty much everything from her eyes. She is so keen and interested to learn absolutely everything about the world around her. I’m not sure when we lose that passion for learning – or maybe some don’t. Sloane definitely has sparked that passion back in me, which I cannot thank her enough for. 

Enough gushing over my amazing daughter, let’s talk about these rockstud pumpkins.


Signed Samantha sitting on the ground next to her black pumpkins that have rockstuds going from top to bottom around the pumpkin.

A Need for A New Kind of Pumpkin

Although I’m getting very into holiday decorating, I still have limits. You won’t be seeing crazy orange everything thrown up in our house. Not as long as I can hold off for. 

My 16-month-old is letting me hold off for now. I am aware that it is solely because she doesn’t know any different. Next year she’ll be demanding what the girl wants. But for now, I’ll keep it to what Mama wants! Mama wants no orange. So no orange is what we got.

I love the white, green, and peach pumpkins.  All of the pumpkins that aren’t orange pretty much. But as I looked at our mantle below where the bats were, I knew I needed something different. Something to match the bats. Obviously that meant black pumpkins.

Signed Samantha's RockStud Pumpkins - three black pumpkins with gold rockstuds going around the pumpkin, from top to bottom

Different Creative Pumpkins

While I knew I wanted black pumpkins, it wasn’t until my neighbor sent me something very similar from her hairdressers’ salon that I knew they needed to be studded.

So while I was committing myself to make my own rockstud pumpkins, I knew that my rockstud approach wasn’t going to be the best approach for the WHOLE family. Despite not doing rockstud for everyones, I decided to at least get a little creative with theirs too.

Mcgregor is a pumpkin carver through and through; he gets very excited each year to carve his pumpkin… So all I did to his was politely ask if I could please paint it black. He eventually got on board, and once he saw it, he was excited. Then proceeded to make a minon! Obsessed!!

Sloane is obviously too young to carve pumpkins. I figured I would give her googley eyes to put onto her pumpkin. Then my Insta friend, Stephanie, made this spider pumpkin with her daughter. Given Sloane’s itsy bitsy spider obsession, I had to copy it immediately. Plus, I knew Sloane would enjoy putting the pipe cleaners into the holes in the pumpkin.

So, there are three types of pumpkins we have in our house. And the moment of truth… Whose pumpkin is your favourite?

Signed Samantha's rockstud pumpkins pictured in front of her feet, Sloane (her daughter's) spider pumpkin pictured in front of Sloane's feet, and her husband's minion pumpkin pictured at his feet.

How to Make D.I.Y Rockstud Pumpkins


+ Pumpkins – sizes of your choice. I like to style things in three so I did three pumpkins – one medium and two small

+ Black acrylic craft paint. I choose matte. A little goes a long way (I painted 5 pumpkins with the 6oz container and still have half a container)

+ Paint brush or Foam brush (bought mine at Dollarama)

+ Two sheets of rockstud stickers (well, I used 1 and 1/4 for my three pumpkins). Again, I bought mine from Dollarama ($1.50 – do you think they will sponsor me soon?!) these would work too.


1. Paint your pumpkins using the foam brush (I painted them on old cardboard to avoid a mess). Wait for 30 minutes for the paint to dry and add a second coat.

2. Wait a few hours for the paint to be completely dry (overnight would be ideal just so you’re 100% certain it’s dry) and add rockstuds along the divets of the pumpkin. Trim the sticker down if necessary, or add more to make it longer. You have full creative control. 

3. I would put some paper or something under the pumpkins if you’re putting them inside on a surface – just in case the paint comes off. Enjoy your pumpkins!


  • Erin

    I love these! They turned out sooo well. All I’ve done so far for Halloween/fall decor is lighting a pumpkin spice scented candle… Sooo maybe send me some of these?! 😉 It’s so adorable how excited Sloane gets about making all the crafts with you! That makes it 100x more fulfilling I’m sure.

    • Samantha

      Lighting a pumpkin candle is a lot more than I would have done, even last year! But I would encourage these as they aren’t too “halloween-y” if that’s even a word!

  • Sherri

    You make Halloween decorating tre chic.
    Well done and a special shout out to Sloane for inspiring you to get on board with it.

    • Samantha

      Thank you so much, Sherri! She’s definitely an inspiration for a lot of things and soon she’ll be bossing me around telling me how to decorate the house so I figure I should take advantage while I can!

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