Review: CLJ x Loloi Rosemarie Rug


We are closing in on a year of my home office being complete. It’s still hard for me to believe that a year ago, I was procrastinating planning this room out and was working in a dumpster fire, hot mess of an office space. I am grateful I took the plunge, planned, and committed to the office. I remember being highly disappointed in one element of my office when it was time for the big reveal: my rug wasn’t going to arrive on time. It was such a bummer because as you can see it’s brought the space together. Once I received the rug, a few of my Instagram followers had messaged me saying they’d read some reviews on this rug – the Loloi x Chris Loves Julia – Rosemarie – and were curious to know how it would hold up.

For me, rugs are one of the more challenging design decisions. They can make or break a room and are often one of your more expensive pieces that will be the anchor of your room. Almost all of my purchases are online, sight unseen which is risky for a rug, but also the reality of shopping today. In this world of online shopping, I’m hoping to help you out by giving you an in-depth review of the Loloi x Chris Loves Julia – Rosemarie rug. Although you won’t be able to touch/feel still, I hope that this Loloi x Chris Loves Julia Rosemarie rug review will hopefully help you with your purchasing decisions.

CLJ x Loloi Rosemarie First Impressions

Full disclosure, this rug was gifted to me, and I didn’t do much research into it. I just knew the print and pattern of the CLJ x Loloi Rosmarie Rug in sage/blush would suit my office perfectly. When I first received the rug, I was a little bit surprised. It is quite a thin rug. It is a low-pile rug which generally results in thin, less cozy, comfortable rugs. I use mine over an existing carpet, so the thinness doesn’t bother me, however, if it were to be on wood, it wouldn’t give the same cozy vibe I would be seeking unless you were working in a kitchen or mudroom.

The other first impression I had was how the rug was almost “bald” in some spots. So in addition to being super thin, certain spots were non-existent – which is intentional and is supposed to give it a more “vintage” feel. Honestly, I didn’t get the vintage vibe from this – my first question was around whether or not this was manufactured correctly. From a distance, it doesn’t bother me, but upon first inspection, I thought it was odd.

Aside from those two items, I thought the colouration was perfect – the pictures online are quite accurate. I love there is a round option, it was perfect for my office, and honestly complimented it so well.

CLJ x Loloi Rosemarie Rug up close

Cleaning the CLJ x Loloi Rosemarie Rug

I’m not sure if you’re supposed to be doing this, but I use my Dyson ball on the Rosemarie rug and it’s held up very well. There have been no loose threads, pulling up issues, etc. From a cleaning perspective, it has been fantastic.

I’ve never tried to get any stains out of it because I’ve never spilled anything on it (knocking on wood immediately). I do think Folex would work without an issue on it. If the spill situation changes, I will be certain to update this section.

CLJ x Loloi Rosemarie rug review pictured in a home office.

The durability of the CLJ x Loloi Rosemarie Rug

My office is not an incredibly high-traffic area that gets a lot of wear and tear. It is just me (typically) walking through and over it multiple times a day. Sloane will come barrelling through daily as well. There are no shoes that make their way onto this rug and no toddlers eating food on it. So perhaps take the durability of the CLJ x Loloi Rosemarie rug with a grain of salt. That being said, for these light uses, it has held up incredibly well and I’ve had no issues with it whatsoever. It looks exactly like it did the day it arrived.

Overall, I think the CLJ x Loloi Rosemarie Rug is a great piece for anyone’s home. The price point is relatively affordable, and you need to know what to expect going into it – i.e., a thin rug that needs a rug pad and some bald spots that make it “vintage”. If you’re ok with those two things then I think this is a rug you’re going to love!

CLJ x Loloi Rosemarie rug review pictured in a home office.