Sephora Sale Wish List

When Sephora has a sale, you run to capitalize on it. Don’t drag your feet or hold off. This is an infrequent occasion – as someone who prides herself on being a sale hunter, this sale is one where I know I’m getting the best price and that I should stock up on my tried and true products. I also think to myself; perhaps the Sephora sale is the sale I should be splurging on that one product I’ve been eyeing up – the answer is always yes to that.

I’ve categorized my sale must-haves and wish list into two fundamental categories for a blogger who isn’t actually overly beauty inclined: hair and then face and body. I find the beauty industry overwhelming, so I’ve kept these Sephora sale picks to a minimum – my favourites, items I’ve ordered, or items that have been recommended to me.

Let’s go shopping!

To shop the Sephora sale, you need to know a few things

  • Add code: OMGSPRING to your shopping cart
    • Savings are tiered based on your status:
    • Rouge – 20% off – April 9-19
      • VIB – 15% off  – April 13-19
      • Insider – 10% off – April 15-19

Sephora sale items for hair including the dyson airwrap, olaplex shampoo, dae shampoo, and playa products

Sephora Sale Hair Must- Haves

You know my love for Olaplex! It’s a serious love. But my fine straight hair needs a change up every time I replace my shampoo – this time I’m swapping over to Dae. I will let you know how it goes. I’m also looking to test out the Playa endless summer spray. I’m really hoping it gives me endless beach hair. You also know my love for my Dyson Air Wrap – a perfect splurge item!

Sephora sale must haves for face and body listed. Product screen shots including lip balm, eye mask, serum, body lotion

Sephora Sale Face & Body Must Haves

If you’re only getting two items from this Sephora sale face and body section, get the pillow balm and the eyebrow gel. I am obsessed with these two items. I’m also obsessed with the sleep mask (remember my bedtime necessities post?!). Then on my try-it-list is this pore extractor and serum infuser – splurge item, but very intrigued. Finally, whose face doesn’t need a little serum update, and whose body doesn’t need a scrub and a lotion?! All rhetorical questions because the answer is everyone!