Splurge vs. Save – Home Decorating Edition

A few weeks ago, I polled everyone on my IG stories asking what you would splurge vs. save on home decor-wise. I’m pleased to say, we were very aligned in our thinking. There are always additional circumstances that each family has when making furniture decisions and whether to splurge vs. save.

I’m here today to run you through your answers and my rationale for my answers regarding when I splurge vs. save on furniture and home decor. Let’s jump into it!

would you splurge vs. save on kitchen bar stools? Signed Samantha is sitting on her blue ones talking about how she would SAVE on puchasing them.

Splurge vs. Save: Bar stools

This one, you guys surprised me! Save vs. splurge on bar stools?!

I thought for sure you would have picked splurge over save, but over 170 (65% ) of you we’re in alignment with my thinking: save on bar stools.

For our family, it is a super high-traffic, high-use area for us. Sloane sometimes sits up here (in her lobster chair) and eats; we eat up here; dark jeans are on here – basically so many things that may stain with food or crayons or jeans. Yeah, save for us… for now. Ask me in 20 years; my opinion might change.

Splurge vs. save home decor edition with Signed Samantha - her daugther Sloane and husband McGregor playing on the bed. The purpose is to illustrate the bedframe, which is a splurge item for Samantha.

Splurge vs. Save: Bed frame

The question around a bed frame was pretty darn close to a 50-50 split, with 58% of you putting the splurge argument forward.

I would tend to agree with 58% of you. You guys know my obsession with good bedding (if you don’t, stop, and go here). But why does it have to have to stop at good bedding?! Keep it going from the mattress to the bed frame.

A high-quality bed frame will last a long time if you take good care of it and choose a timeless frame. Splurge all the way!

We splurged at restoration hardware.

Splurge vs. save home decor edition. Signed Samantha's sofa is pictured with a black end table. Her sofa was a splurge

Splurge vs. Save: Sofa

One of two landslides in my splurge vs. save polls: splurge on sofas comes in for the win at 77%.

This one seems self-explanatory, but I’ll go for it anyway. The sofa/couch/chesterfield/whatever you want to call it – is of the places you spend the most time and is in what is meant to be one of the most show-stopping areas of your home. Bite the bullet and spend the money on a pricey one. Note that if you’re getting it from a quality store, they should have a full-on, intense lifetime warranty that covers everything from a wine spill on the couch to kids poop being stuck on there. Don’t cheap out after you get the couch; get the warranty too – it’s a no brain-er.

Ours is from EQ3, and we got the “everything” warranty. Not that Sloane will be pooping on the couch (at least this is something I’m hopeful of), but she may colour on it. They will entirely replace any damage I cannot get out.

splurge vs. save on a dining table? signed samantha's audience picked splurge, but this is where she may save. her dining room is pictured with five chair and one highchair as well as a white pendant light and black and yellow bus rolls on the wall.

Splurge vs. Save: Dining Table

Okay, this splurge vs. save was the most interesting one to me and one where maybe we might differ? 70% of you said splurge on a dining table.

My thoughts are to get a crazy expensive one on sale?! Haha, that is what we did – we managed to snag this one from West Elm (many years ago, it is no longer in stock) for $300 when it was initially $1,500. I still don’t understand how, but I’m here for it.

All of this to say, always find a sale. But yes, ultimately, I would splurge on a dining room table too.

Signed Samantha's splurge worthy kitchen must haves include a huge glass carafe with a cork lid sitting on a ceramic base. Also pictured next to the ceramic base is a white diffuser, three cookbooks and a plant in front of two wooden cutting boards.

Splurge vs. Save: Decorative Pieces

Home decorative pieces had 250 (87%) of you saying to save your money on these pieces. I couldn’t agree with this more. You can find so many great pieces inexpensively at HomeSense (Home Goods if you’re in the USA), Target (again if you’re in the USA), H&M home, Indigo, etc. Save your cash for the big-ticket splurge items. But also, don’t forget, it’s okay to have one or two show-stopping decorative pieces that may not fit into the save it category that you just have to get!

Signed Samantha talking about splurging vs saving on rugs. Her runner is pictured in her kitchen next to her stove top.

Splurge vs. Save: Rugs

Finally, splurge vs. save on rugs?! What do 61% of you think?! Dun Dun Dun….. SAVE!
I am currently in the “save” boat as well.

With a toddler ripping around, at any given point, there may be a mushed up raspberry, cheddar bunny, or noodle in this rug. So it was still expensive because I needed to get the machine washable one (to prevent myself from buying a new rug every month), but it was nowhere near the price of a beautiful antique piece or authentic Persian rug.

Again, ask me in twenty years – my opinion of rug price will likely change again!


  • Erin

    This was such a fun read! Holy crap girl, next time I’m shopping for a dining table Im definitely bringing you with me! Those are some insane sale-finding skills.

    We’re in the market for bar stools right now so I’m definitely looking into the ones you recommended on here.

    • Samantha

      I have so much envy over your ability to hit up target for your bar stools! Like seriously so jealous!!! I hope you found some good inspo. XO

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