Styling a Book Display

Book displays are darn cute and making a huge splash right now. My mom, who is more on top of trends than me, flagged this for me several months ago. The ones I liked were far too expensive. Instead of caving and spending a fortune, I showed some restraint and decided to add a book display to my make-it list. It’s taken a while for me to get to making it.

The only reason it is done now is thanks to my McGee and Co Alward Table DIY and my destain for clutter. I finally got a new living room side table and so it was time for the Alward table to R.I.P. Except I didn’t want to waste any wood so I decided to repurpose it and transform it into this book display.

Book display sitting on top of a console table next to a vase and candle above some books and an art piece on the samsung frame TV

Making the Book Display

I did not make these plans up myself. The original came from Joinery Design Co. They have free plans on their website where you can make the exact one I have here. Dan kept it nice and simple and it only took a few short hours to pull this display together. Plus, it’s a dupe of the oh-so-popular McGee and Co book display. The difference between mine and theirs is that mine is black. All I used was the Rustoleum flat black spray paint.

book display styled with a book (duh), in a living room in front of a planter pot and a piece of art.

Different Places to Style Your Book Display

I definitely played “musical book displays” around my house the first day I finished making it. There were so many options for places I could put it but narrowed it down to my top three to share with you today.

My friend, Stephanie, showed me how McGee and Co styled their book display on a built-in in the living room and I loved it. So, of course, that has made my top list. If you have a bench-style built-in, or any form of built-in in your living room this is a great option for where to style your book display. I love the simplicity of this location and its pairing with a taller vase and greenery. Truth be told, I would keep it here but a 3-year-old monkey named Sloane lives in my house… I would be signing myself up for a disaster if I left it there.

book display styled on top of a side table in the living room

Another place I loved the book display was simply on the side table by itself. It’s bold enough to stand on its own and if you have a captivating book displayed. It would be a great conversation piece as well.

book display styled under a coffee table

Finally, and where I am leaving it for the time being, is on or under a two-tiered coffee table. Given my coffee table is glass, it is the perfect way to display a book. From the side you see the beauty of the book display and from the top, you see an open book ready to read. Photographing this location doesn’t  doesn’t do 

Those were my top three but there are so many more options. It could even be a cookbook display! Just get creative and you’ll find the perfect place.

Oh, by the way, if you’re reading this thinking there’s no way you’re making a book display, here are some great options to purchase.