Super Simple Watermelon Margarita

Want your summer explained in a few words?! I have it: super simple watermelon margarita. If you wanted me to add a few more words, I would say: on the rocks!

How simple, you ask?! THREE ingredients simple…plus the rocks.

You’re absolutely going to find this strange, but I’m not a huge fan of watermelon as a fruit. The reason it is in my house is that I am trying to introduce Sloane to as much variety as I can, so she does not become a picky eater like her dad is. Obviously, she cannot consume an entire watermelon on her own… yet!

Anyways, I needed to use some watermelon, and although I am not into the fruit itself, I am very much into watermelon juice. I am also very much into tequila. So I figured there had to be a watermelon tequila drink out there. It was also Cinco de Mayo, while all of these thoughts were swirling around in my head.

Cut to the need for a marg.

watermelon margarita with tequila and watermelon in the background

A quick “watermelon margarita” search on google yielded several presumably great results, but one caught my attention more than the rest. The minimalist baker has a recipe for an easy 3-ingredient watermelon margarita. I know, right, 3-ingredients. SOLD!

In true Samantha fashion, I looked at the ingredients list of the recipe and then moved on, not bothering to follow any instructions. She deserves one thousand percent of the credit for creating this and for providing me with my go-to summer drink (thank you times a million!). But I will say I really like my approach in combining the ingredients directly into a pitcher or bottle (for easy fridge access).

I personally put mine into an old lemonade bottle so I can shake it up before pouring. Also, if there’s extra, I can shake it up if, by any chance, it had time to settle in the fridge (UNLIKELY!!!).

Without further ado, here is the recipe!

two watermelon margaritas on a wooden serving tray

Super Simple Watermelon Margaritas

Adapted slightly from the minimalist baker

makes 4 cocktails


+ 1 watermelon, sliced with rind removed and blended (I used a mini watermelon, but a full size would be way better… you won’t run out as quickly! You can also save a few slices for decorative purposes if you wish)

+ juice of 4 limes (plus another lime, sliced for decorative purposes again)

+ 6 shots of tequila

+ ice


1. In a pitcher or sizable sealable bottle, combine 2.5 cups of juiced watermelon, lime juice, and tequila. Shake or stir, depending on your vessel situation.

2. Fill four short cocktail glasses with ice.

3. Evenly distribute your pitcher/bottle mixture between the glasses.

4. Add lime and watermelon garnish – if you decided to go that route – and enjoy!

Flat lay of super simple watermelon margarita's with limes and juicer in the background


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