The Battle of The Gluten-Free Oat Milks

There was a devastating day not too long ago that I’m sure many of you who are celiac or gluten-free know well. Earth’s Own, a Canadian plant-based milk company, announced that their oat milk would no longer be gluten-free. Why was this so devastating? Because it was the best. It frothed up so well and it had good calories for Sloane – it was the only oat milk that got the stamp of approval from her dietician (she had a dietician because of her open heart surgeries you can read about it here). Luckily she doesn’t seem to have any issues with gluten so she is still drinking Earth’s Own. I, however, have the gluten problem and a cow’s milk problem (both upset my stomach). I am not willing to give up Oat milk. I’ve found that it has the most similar consistency when compared to regular milk. So I’ve been tasked (yes, I tasked myself) with finding the best alternative gluten-free oat milk to the Earth’s Own.

different oat milk brands laying flat

I am in Canada so I have been able to find all of these Oat Milks in Canada so far. As a side note – I also tried the Trader Joe’s oat milk – which did not froth for me. To keep it consistent and Canadian, I won’t include the Trader Joe’s oat milk in the overall review – but the flavour was good. It just didn’t froth.

I should note, that I’m using the Nespresso frother – which maybe makes a difference in how the milk froths. Perhaps a frother review is next.

Here are the Oat Milks I reviewed

  • Califia (regular)
  • Earth’s Own GF Small Tetra Packs (some cartons are still gluten-free)
  • Oatly (Barista)
  • Silk (Barista)
  • Two Bears Unsweetened Oat
  • Natura Oat Beverage
Oat milk rounded up

My Least Favourite Oat Milk

My least favourite of the oat milk by far was the Califia. The Califia has a weird taste that did not work for my palate. My husband agreed it had a little bit of a different taste but didn’t feel as strongly about it as I did. Not only did it have a weird taste but it didn’t froth. So 0 points were awarded from me.

rounded up oat milk

The Non-Frothing Oat Milks

I was a little shocked and don’t quite understand but the Earth’s Own gluten-free tetra pack falls into this category. No froth, like maybe two bubbles, but what good is that.

The Two Bear’s unsweetened oat milk also is a non-frother. Which at over $6.00 a tetra pack is outrageous.

The Natura Oat Beverage is the final non-frother. Which was a little bit of a bummer – I was hoping I’d found a diamond in the rough for $3.00.

All of these tasted just fine to me. There was no offensive aftertaste – I would still use these for cereal, cooking, or anything that doesn’t require a froth.

oat milk frothed in a cup of tea

The Oat Milk Froth Masters

There are two oat milks that take the froth cake. The first is specifically the Silk Barista Blend (I tried the non-barista blend and it doesn’t froth – don’t confuse those). The taste and the froth put this one into second place for me.

The number one gluten-free oat milk that froths and tastes delicious is Oatly. I cannot say enough good things about this oat milk. I love it, it gives me a thick, dense froth that I’m looking for in my tea. The texture and taste are perfect for me and it is now my go-to gluten-free oat milk. The new challenge I’m having right now is that fewer places seem to have it in stock.

Finger’s crossed I’m not starting my hunt all over again because of supply issues in Canada!

Happy barista-ing!