Three Easy but Impactful Ways to Update Your Decor For Fall

I would almost say that I’m an early adopter of all things decor, but the more I think about it, sometimes it takes me a moment to catch up. Particularly if it’s a transition from summer to fall. This exclusively has to do with the fact that I refuse to believe that summer is over and that I’m not even close to ready to accept the dark fall/winter days ahead. Alas, here we are. The weather has prompted me to know that it is in fact fall and the calendar tells me that Canadian Thanksgiving is literally just around the corner so it’s time to give in and swap out the decor for some fall decor. I’m a minimalist when it comes to fall decor and I wanted my changes to be as subtle as possible. That being said, I figured you might also want to know some easy ways to swap things out and make a big impact around the house and possibly learn where to get these items from?

Signed Samantha's living room with updates that have happened for fall. This includes throw pillows, a new vase, and blankets

Where to Find Affordable Fall Decor?

My favourite place to find home decor in Canada is at HomeSense – if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m fully obsessed. I am there at a minimum once a week, usually more. If you are from the USA, HomeGoods is what I will call the sister company, but there’s probably a better term they use. If you don’t know where the closest HomeSense is to you, you can check out the store locator here.

A close up of Signed Samantha's living room fall decor updates including a dark and moody vase and dark pillows.

Three Easy but Impactful Ways to Swap Out Your Decor For Fall

Now, let’s get into some easy and impactful ways to swap out your decor for fall.

First, and I believe this should generally be seasonally is to swap out your pillow covers! Or pillows as a whole. I find so many gems at HomeSense but I don’t always love their inserts – as I love the overstuffed look. That being said, I tend to find the pillows (+ covers) at HomeSense and replace the inserts with the many, many, many, that I have at home. When I’m swapping out my pillows, I look for darker, moodier colours, along with some more dramatic patterns. I have to also be subtle with my pattern selection, otherwise McGregor will tell me “that’s a lot” – insert loving eyeroll.

My next tip is to swap out any decorative vases you have and/or foliage – presumably, they were bright and light for summer, fresh greens, etc. well fall is the time to harvest your backyard for some branches, to find a moodier vase, or to DIY your own (I have some inspo for you here and here)!

Finally, blankets. Now I’m a firm believer that blankets are seasonal, yes I have summer blankets. And the more the merrier are welcome in this house – according to me, not my husband. Think warm, cozy, plush, knit, plaid, fall-vibe throw blanket swaps.

That’s it! You’ve just changed out some decor and fall-i-fied your home. I honestly believe you could do this for under $100 – I know I did thanks to my deal-finding HomeSense skills!