Thursdays Three | Leopard Moments

Anyone else obsessing over the animal print craze these days? I am fully into it. Usually, I just go for plain old black or plain old white. But for some reason the animal print has got me going wild…See what I did there?! Cue laughter.

But in all honesty, right now, my jam is leopard print, which is why this Thursday’s three is all about the leopard moments.

There were so many options for this post… too many options. The cutest leopard shoes (but maybe I didn’t do the shoes due to an up and coming Thursday post is about shoes… just maybe though), leopard bags, leopard face masks – I just received mine in the mail today, I’m excited to try it – and the list goes on.

Narrowing down what I’m sharing to only three items was tough. I managed, though. I appreciate the concern you had there. Honestly, I might have snuck in an extra little tidbit, so it’s like Thursday’s three-point-five. 

Signed Samantha's leopard moments in a leopard print swimsuit, white cover up, and cocktail

Leopard Print for Mama in the Summer

Okay, so the way I did this was a few things for mama and a few things for little babes to match. Because one of the top reasons to have a little babe is to match them. I’m kidding, obviously, but matching is kind of the best, especially while they have limited ability to say no.

This first leopard moment in the form of a swimsuit is currently my go-to swimsuit for, well, everything.

+ Lounging

+ Chasing child

+ Dipping my toes in the water

+ Maybe even FULLY going into the water

This cut doesn’t ride up my butt – bonus – and it’s so simple and flattering. The tie-up back situation is something I’m very much into. It adds that extra simple detail that creates perfection.

I’m almost embarrassed to say where it’s from, so I’ll just let you click here if you want to find it. I’ll just say it was inexpensive! But I’m thoroughly impressed by the quality and fit. I bought a second one from there that I’m not quite as in love with.

Signed Samantha's leopard moments - a flatlay of an outfit including a leopard jacket, black jeans, a black tank, black heels, and a black purse

Leopard Print for Mama as we Transition to Fall

Okay, despite the summer deprivation situation, I am realistic in knowing that fall is around the corner and that my leopard moments are not staying in summer. They will most certainly be transitioning to fall.

Hence, the sudden outfit shift to a fall look.

For me, pulling off a bold jacket requires a muted outfit. I’m not sure where it is I’ll be wearing it to, BUT I love the printed jacket, so perhaps I’ll wear it to a fancy dinner at home.

I got this one very inexpensively from Zara, but they are sold out. I’ve linked some similar styles below.

Signed Samantha leopard moments - Sloane in a leopard romper and a floppy summer hat.

Leopard Print for the Mini Me

Obviously, since Mama is having a leopard moment, my mini-me must match! As I mentioned, I will match my daughter until she tells me I can’t. Even then, I’ll still try.

Okay, so this romper. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I couldn’t handle it when I saw it just had to snag it up. I also tried to find an adult size to match Sloane, FULLY. Alas, no luck. 

It’s also incredibly inexpensive (and on sale for $10!). So all the dirt, sand, ocean, snacks, or anything else she may want to get all over it, I have zero issues with.  

The 3.5th item is linked below as well (hint* babe will take part in your leopard moments with a swimsuit!). Yeah, that was a full-on giveaway.

If you’ve skipped to the end, I can sum this up for you:

+ Always match your kid

+ Leopard print is having its moment and it is the best