Thursday’s Three | Nifty Gifty ‘s From My Mama

My mom sent me some cute nifty gifty ‘s I want to share with you! As many of you know, my mama lives in California. There are so many perks that come along with that – like somewhere warm to jet off to for the weekend or a warm palm tree Christmas’. Aside from just generally being very far from my mom, I hadn’t noticed any particularly terrible downfalls. But right now with COVID, it is the worst.
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It has been FIVE months since my mom has seen Sloane. To say my mom is obsessed with Sloane is not even doing it justice. You can tell the genuine love she has for my little munchkin. If I could plant a go pro on Sloane so my mom could watch her every move, she would have that screen on constantly. Super creepy, I know. But honestly, she wants to be part of her life in any way she can.

My mom is still a Canadian citizen, thank goodness. She missed her granddaughter so much that she wanted to take the risk and fly here. I’m sure she’d rather teleport, but since that won’t be around for a few years, she did what she could. with full PPE, a mask, face shield, gloves, etc., she embarked on coming here. Now she is in her 14-day quarantine anxiously waiting to be able to play with her granddaughter in person.

All we needed was my mom to arrive safely, but she did not come empty-handed. She brought along some nifty gifty ‘s for Sloane and me.

Sloane’s nifty gifty ‘s included clothes, Bambas, and a photo of her Noni and Nono. She is so lucky and so spoiled.

I am also so lucky and spoiled with the nifty gifty ‘s I received that I want to share with you! My mom always finds the best stuff. I don’t know where or how. But if you need a gift idea for pretty much anyone, she’s got your back with unique and thoughtful products.

Signed Samantha's Nifty Gifty Ideas - tula skincare brightening eye balm

Tula Brightening Eye Balm

Mom’s are mind readers, aren’t they?! The first nifty gifty (for any of you that don’t know this is an Office (the TV show) reference but none of these nifty gifty ‘s are office related LOL), is a brightening balm for under your eyes made by Tula Skincare. Literally just two weeks ago I was thinking about how I needed some cooling gel for under my eyes to stop them from feeling and probably looking puffy.

Well, cue Mama bear to the rescue with this Tula eye balm. I am obsessed. I intend to find a way to get the other two into Canada.

The Tula brightening eye balm feels so good under your eyes. and really brightens. It adds a beautifully rosy glow. For my American ladies, I’ve linked all three below. For my fellow Canadians, I’m sorry, I’m wanting the other two as well. As SOON as I find somewhere in Canada that sells Tula, I promise I will tell you.

A list of nifty gifty 's from Signed Samantha and it includes this necessaire deoderant pictured on a marble holder and surrounded by the ordinary face products and tula skincare.

Necessaire Deodorant 

I often wonder if my mom has implanted a chip in my brain, so she knows what I’m thinking at all times. I’ve wanted to switch to deodorant for a while instead of antiperspirant, but I’ve never known where to start.

Well, cut to Necessaire’s Deodorant. She got me eucalyptus scented. Do yourself a favor. Choose this scent. 

I thought I would have issues with the transition and not enjoy the smell situation – especially in the heat of the summer – but no issues at all! Now there’s no turning back!

Signed Samantha's Nifty Gifty Post Ideas - this one is an image of Samantha holding up a faux, clear, plastic, Starbucks cup with her name written on it in cursive. She is taking a sip from the straw.

Faux Starbucks Water Glass

This nifty gifty is also so good. I was going to write my favorite, but honestly, all of these items are all my favorite, so how can I choose?! 

Anyways, this one is a faux Starbucks cup. Anyone who knows me knows that Starbucks cups are my weakness. There is something so pleasant about having that paper or plastic coffee cup in your hand.

I’ve been good at using my reusable mugs, but I still love it.

This cup combines the best of both worlds – I get those Starbucks feels, plus it is a reusable cup. Oh, and not to mention, you’re name in cursive on it is so darn cute, AND you always know it’s your cup. Even if everyone you’re with has the same one. 

So obviously mom always knows best. But she really nailed this care package. I love every single thing she got so much so that she inspired me to share them with you! 

Enjoy my loves!