Tips For A Home Decor Refresh

A home decor refresh is just what everyone needs in January, am I right?! The thing that you don’t need that often goes along with it is the added cost. We’ve just come out of Christmas, which is typically a big spending month for everyone. Not like I need to tell you that. So, since it’s Thursday’s three I’ve come up with three (with a sneaky fourth option) affordable home decor refresh ideas that are both affordable and easy for you to tackle.

Truth be told, I haven’t done one of these Thursday’s Three’s yet, but I definitely intend to – I need to sit down and find a moment to execute it. Let’s find out what it is, shall we?!


Signed Samantha's home decor refresh tips include updating your greenery in spaces to bring life in - like this eucyalptus plant in front of wood cutting boards, evoo, and salt and pepper in the kitchen.

Greenery Is Your Friend

A simple home decor refresh includes bringing home new plants – because why not. It brings some life into your space, and you can do it super affordably. Dollarama has some great pot options for cheap. HomeSense would be another great spot to check out. You could even thrift one and glam it up with a little D.I.Y. , or you could do the super cheap planter DIY I did for my outdoor baskets – just make sure you have the means to catch excess water coming out of the holes in the bottom if you’re keeping it indoors.

As far as plants go, you can get affordable ones almost anywhere – go for a basil plant at the grocery store or if you want a non-herb plant check out Ikea – seriously unexpected, but they have great affordable options.

Signed Samantha sitting on her bench in front of her gallery wall - which happens to be one of her tips for a home decor refresh

Update Your Pictures

Sorry about the blurred out faces – just working on keeping my family’s privacy while giving you my next tip for a home decor refresh. This tip includes updating the photos that are already existing in your frames. While we will probably keep some of them, it’s definitely time for an update. The most recent photos we have up were from a year ago!

Seriously. Updated photos will make a world of difference, always but especially if you have young kids who are continually changing and growing. I personally need to get on this task – but I’m waiting to get some more photos done in the spring when the weather improves. I am also leaning towards transitioning to all black and white with my photo wall to create uniformity and consistency. I won’t do it all at once, but a few at a time.


Signed Samantha's mantle includes a DIY vase, some pictures, prayer beads, plants, and a vase. She Moved these objects from another place in her house - part of her tips for a home decor refresh

Shop Your House and Toss in a D.I.Y

I alluded to one of these two home decor refresh tips above, but a quick and easy D.I.Y can go a long way and be an affordable alternative to purchasing full-price decor. You could, for example, make this D.I.Y stone vase that I have on my mantle.

If you followed along, you’d remember it was on my dining room table. Which brings me to my next idea for your home decor refresh.

Once the Christmas decorations all came down, I wanted to change our mantle and make the pallette more neutral. I also didn’t want to spend any money doing this (okay, McGregor didn’t want me to spend any money doing it, LOL), so I shopped our house and found items that would work for me. It’s an easy way to get a new look in spaces with stuff you already have!


  • Erin

    I need to do all of these things honestly. We don’t even have pictures hung up in our apartment yet and have been saying we’d do it since we moved it, so that’s probably the first thing we’ll need to get done! Also would love to have some greenery in here to liven things up. Love these tips!

  • Connie

    Great tips as always Samantha! I like the idea of greenery to ‘spruce’ up the place. Lol, pun unintentional. You always have such timely ideas.

    • Samantha

      Thank you, Connie! I need some of your good puns to throw into these posts. I hope they provided you with some inspiration to affordably update your home.

  • Kate

    Such great ideas lovely. Thank you for sharing 😊

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