Toddler Friendly Home Decor Ideas

Do any of my other very particular parents’ homes get entirely turned upside down post-baby? I know it can’t be just me!?

When we first moved in (pre-baby, but pregnant) I remember continually googling the following:

  • Kid-friendly decor
  • Toddler-friendly home decor
  • Baby-friendly design

At a subconscious level, I suppose that meant I knew my house would be a mess or that what I would typically do to decorate wouldn’t work. I also had this grand notion that I would have the most amazing kid who was so obedient and who would never touch things I’ve asked her not to.

Many things are wrong with these assumptions. Toddlers, as I am learning, are designed to start pushing their boundaries from a very young age. I believe they know they aren’t supposed to be touching mama’s candle or those marble coasters you adore, but they want to see how you’ll react.

Don’t get me wrong, Sloane is so good 90% of the time. I’m going to pat myself on the back for the dedication I’ve taken to teaching her what is hers and what she shouldn’t be touching – I’ll also pat her on the back because her comprehension level for a one-year-old is beyond! But, anyways, 10% of the time when I can’t see what she is up to and she is completely silent, it is guaranteed the little turkey is up to no good—playing with the cord of the lamp or the plug and electrical socket, playing with those marble coasters, or dada’s records. The list goes on.

Okay, but my google search. Yielded not much! I struggled to find anything that suited my home and style. My house is very much still a work in progress on the decor front, but I’m excited to share with you what I’ve been finding that’s been working and always helps things look more complete.

showing a toddler-friendly home decor idea with decorative beads in a patio bowl that looks like ceramic

Necessary for toddlers: non-breakable decor.

Okay so first, do you want to talk about how this bowl does not look at all like plastic?! Because that is what it is. It is actually a bowl that is meant to be used outside on the patio. Now I would say, is the perfect time to go hunting for decorative bowls that are actually meant to be used outdoors.

I promise the only way you don’t know it’s not a real ceramic bowl is because I told you. You’d also notice if you picked it up, obviously.

If my tiny toddler decides to go for it and take my bowl, it’s not shattering all over the ground.

I found this one at HomeSense, however, I have linked a few options below. The wood bowl I think would be a great option and I think the plates from that serving set below would make great trays!

I am also obsessed with decorative beads. Now, Sloane does grab these and rips around the house with them. It does not bother me in the least because they were $15 off of amazon!

She’s also getting my tendencies and plays with these beads and tries her best to put them back after she’s finished playing with them. I can’t help but laugh, but also need to let the kid live her life!!!

Please disregard the fact that there are no coffee table books underneath the bowl – they are coming – eventually. I need about 8 million more coffee table books to fill my house.

Showing one toddler-friendly home decor idea: a washable runner rug in the kitchen

Toddler, pet, high-traffic area-friendly: washable carpets.

This one is not necessarily JUST for Sloane. I can’t blame her for every single kitchen mess that ensues. Probably still most considering she chews up her food, then spits it out if she’s not into it.


But honestly, Sloane or no Sloane, we’d probably still be interested in this carpet. You could be the cleanest person in the whole world, but if you have a runner in your kitchen, there is no doubt it is getting dirty.

Oven to sink.


Sink to oven.


You get the point.

We originally had a runner from Simons. It was super temporary and not long enough for our space, but it was also on sale at the time for $30. It was 100% cotton, and therefore I felt I could toss it in the wash. So I did. Even though the tag explicitly said dry clean only. Trust me; I’d rather risk having to replace it for less than that dry cleaning bill would have been.

Verdict? It came out perfectly clean. Gauge your risk level when considering your purchases.

Since I knew we were going to need to get a longer runner to suit the space and would be spending more money anyways, I decided to get a dedicated machine washable rug. You’ve probably seen “Ruggable” pop-up everywhere. I always felt it was too good to be true.

The good news is it’s not too good to be true. The two rugs arrived, and I washed them. I continue to clean them. I love them. We also have one in the dining room. Sloane chucks her oatmeal onto the ground. No problem, I’ll wash that away.

Showing a space with toddler friendly home decor ideas - including coffee table books, baskets, round end tables and prayer beads

Baskets are so toddler friendly for all of your home decor needs. 

I am too embarrassed to give you the number of baskets that I have in my living room alone. It’s approaching double digits. For one space, it’s maybe a bit much. BUT three of the baskets contain Sloane’s piles and piles of books. Another two contains some of her toys. Others are purely decorative.

The three nesting baskets pictured below were so cheap and just from Ikea.

Sloane takes them off of the end table, grabs a seat and starts fitting them into one another. A solid 15 minutes of entertainment built into your decor? Yes, please.

Baskets are an in-expensive (if you find the inexpensive ones) way to elevate your look. Complete a room with baskets, store anything (kids toys, blankets, pillows, etc.) in them, and let your kids can easily play with them without you having to worry too much about them breaking it.