Under 50 and Under 100: Holiday Gift Guide

Okay – it’s the last week of gift guides, you guys! Can you believe it!? We made it through FIVE weeks of them. Next year, I will try to get it all out in one go, but my eyes are legitimately cross-eyed even from going slowly. So here we are, at the final gift guide for under 50 and under 100.

Under 50 and under 100, I felt, were the perfect categories to end with. A good round-up like items for under 50 and under 100 felt ideal for you “last minute” shoppers. I realize that no one is last minute if you’re here today; we are still in the first week of December, after all.

I’m about to revisit my own gift guides to wrap up my shopping for the year. I am SO close, but it feels like so far still. Usually, I cross off my list by running through people we will be seeing in what order. But this year we are likely just seeing the three of us, so I really need to put my thinking cap on and make sure I’ve run through everyone. I am guessing this is the same for all of you too!

I digress, let’s get into the under 50 and under 100 gift guide (PDF version here), which I’m keeping short and sweet today!

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2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Under 50

The curated under 50 collection – I loved this section. Between the under 50 and under 100, I enjoyed crafting the under 50 much more. 

I’m not sure why – I typically struggle with thoughtful gifts that have a lower dollar value associated with them. That being said, there are so many fun products out there right now. 

Between books, games, makeup, beautiful art prints, the opportunities really are endless. 



2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Under 100

The under 100 guide was my struggle – partly because it’s past that less expensive thoughtful gift, and goes to extra thoughtful but not extra, extra thoughtful category – and there is still a little bit of a cost-barrier. 

I think in the end, I did pretty good with the options and finding some unique items out there for everyone. 



That’s a wrap on the gift guides this year (pun intended!). I may pull together a full post that includes them all: stocking stuffers and big gifts, friends colleagues, and kids, homebody and self care, and foodies, parents and in-laws with separate PDFs, but you can also get the full guide below! 


  • Erin

    Yay, what a way to end the series of gift guides! Absolutely loving these options. I’ve been starting to search for options for my friends this week, so I love these makeup/beauty options under $50!

    • Samantha

      I always forget how much fun it is to receive new makeup at Christmas!!! But definitely a perfect under $50 item!!

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