Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

These hallmark holidays have never been something I’ve been overly excited about; however, now, they are far more exciting with Sloane. Which is why I’m more than happy to release this Valentine’s Day gift guide.

Do you do Valentine’s Day gifts? We usually do smaller ones but keep the day/evening very low-key. I intend to carry on a small gift tradition with Sloane. I’m thinking some small activity-related toy and maybe a few candies (when she is older), coupled with giving cards and candies to her friends.

Clearly, Sloane is not the one I have trouble thinking of gifts for. Alas, I have dedicated this week’s Thursday’s Three to be a gift guide for Valentine’s day and will be sharing ideas for him, her, and the kiddos.

I have kept the kiddos gift guide very modest and have provided a range for the his/her guide.

I hope this provides you with some inspiration.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide For the kiddos various products including a sutffed bunny, a zebra, books, crayons, and toys on a white background

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For The Kids

This kids Valentines Day Gift Guide is pretty on-point with the loving theme. There are a few outliers, but they were too cute not to include.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him nine objects on a white background including a yeti cooler backpack, a housecoat, shoes, a coffee maker, a pillow, airpods, boxers, and workout weights

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

The men’s section of the gift guide… always the most challenging. Hopefully these spark some ideas.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For her laid out on a white background. Prodcuts include a smash and tess romper, heart spoons, planters, lip gloss, bedding, face products, blankets, housecoat, and an eye mask

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Her

Last up, the ladies! Now, gents, if you’re reading this, all we really want is a clean kitchen, folded laundry, and a nice glass of wine. But any of the treats below work too.


  • Erin

    Aw love these ideas! We don’t usually do much for Valentine’s, but I feel like my boyfriend will be offended if I don’t get him anything this year, so imma need to get on it lmao. Honestly, I’m more tempted by these “for her” gifts though and might treat myself! I suck at Valentine’s day… face palm.

    • Samantha

      hahaha, I’m basically the same as you. I’m proposing a joint gift that ends up being mine LOL!! We will see how this goes….

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