This week is a Sun-D.I.Y that literally everyone can do: winter pots. I know there’s always concern you’re not creative or crafty enough, but this one – to really basic-ify it, includes popping greens into a pot and re-arranging them until you’re happy with the way it looks. D.I.Ying your own winter pots allows you to do anything you want with them, really. As such, instead of typical instructions, I’ve shared my winter pot ideas and how I brought mine together to help inspire yours while promoting your creativity to come through! 

As you may have read in my fall front door decor post, this is my first year changing up the decor on our front porch. I mean, clearly, I still won’t remove the nearly dead trees planted in the big planters, but I’m changing up a lot around it.

Making these winter pots was trial and error for me. Reaching a point where I was happy with what I’d developed was a process, but eventually, I got to something I loved.

Signed Samantha shares her winter pot ideas with you. This one is an over head shot of three winter pots and her boots. They have cedars, eucalyptus, and festive berries in them

The Best Winter Pot Ideas Come From Your Backyard

With my black thumb track record – literally, I think the Mum’s from my fall front porch decor lasted for two weeks before they were dead – my favorite part of this winter pot activity includes the fact that you can find most of these greens in your backyard (maybe not literally, but close) – especially if you live in the pacific northwest. A.K.A, these are essentially free. 

My suggestion is to take a journey through your neighborhood and find anyone who is landscaping at any given point. I would ask if you can forage through what they have cut back and pick your favorites. 

I found cedars (definitely track down some cedars!!) and some other greens (plant knowledge coming through strong LOL); I tried to avoid anything with prickles because I knew Sloane would get involved. I also found dead tree branches that added some magic to these pots.

Signed Samantha shares her winter pot ideas - her and her daughter are pictured putting the greens in the pots together.

Add Texture to Your Winter Pots

Another of my winter pot ideas includes adding a variety of textures and greens. Textures and a variety of greens will make a huge difference to the aesthetic and fullness of your winter pots – without them looking too wild. 

My pots look wild in these photos because it’s tough to photograph pots nicely (it also looks like some are blending into others – in person, there is clear definition) – I will get there, LOL. Clearly, a new year’s resolution for 2021 is to get exceptionally good at photography. They aren’t overly wild – they are decently well composed with a variety of greens and textures. 

My two favorite additions were actually purchases – eucalyptus and these white berry branches (pictured closer up below). I contemplated a beautiful deep red but decided to keep my outdoor theme decently similar to the indoor one with limited reds. The exception for the red is the wreath on the door (remember my versatile eucalyptus wreath?! Well, now it’s winterized with a little Santa gnome and berries).

Signed Samantha shares her winter pot ideas. She is placing one of the green pots on the ground

Lighting and Ornaments Add Another Dimension

What really pulled these winter pots together for me was the addition of ornaments and lighting. I used old, shatterproof (tried and tested by Sloane) ornaments, along with some inexpensive battery operated lights. 

I tossed the battery packs into ziplocks and hid them under the greens – not sure if these will work long-term or not – I will report back if they fail. They are clearly indoor lights but our patio area is covered, plus have them extra covered with the ziplock. Very, very technical. If anyone has a better fix for this, I’m all ears. 

To summarize my winter pot ideas and how to make them: 

+ use old planter pots (I used the ones from my dead mums and kept the soil)

+ replenish with soil, as needed

+ forage for your greens by getting that perfect landscape day

+ create depth by adding texture via a variety of greens 

+ add another dimension using lighting and ornaments

There are lots more things you can do for winterizing your front porch including doing a festive wreath, a festive doormat, lots of holiday lighting, and obviously, winter pots (a few decorative ideas linked below). I hope my methods give you some great winter pot ideas to go off of. Turf those dead mums and get it done!



  • Erin

    I love these!! They are SO festive & add so much greenery & color to your porch. I’ve been wanting to buy plants for my porch (& inside my apartment) for a while now, but don’t even know where to start. I’m going to have to look for some like this because they look so gorg!

    • Samantha

      Yes!!! Greenery really changes a space. You can also use the pots that they come in and glam them up with jute. XO

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