2023 project list includes potentially finishing the moulding pictured in this bedroom around the rest of the walls.

roject lists for the year might be one of my favourite lists. It forces me to sit down and think about what I want to tackle in our home for the year. I also allow myself to put everything I want on the list with zero expectation of tackling every project that year. It does, however, allow me to see my wish list, clearly laid out and allows me to determine what my priority project list items for the year just so happen to be. This year, the list is abundant, but honestly, I think I'm most excited about the first room I intend to tackle. Before I reveal my rooms, I want to reflect on 2022's project list.

things to consider when costing a DIY project - A big girl room with floral wallpaper, chair rail, box moulding, a white bed frame, blue duvet cover, end tables, and a pouf on the ground plus signed samantha sitting on the bed. knocked this bedroom off my diy project list for 2022!

How I did on 2022’s Project List

I appreciate how I can reference last years post and see how I did on last year’s project list. It was a heavy one and I got through half of it. In 2022, I tackled:

I am so close to finishing the family room too; we will call it complete (with an asterisk) in 2022. 

The most embarrassing thing I didn’t tackle is the top caps in the mudroom that remain unpainted.

signed samantha's 2023 proejct list to to finsih this family room that is pictured. add more decor, add more art to the already beautiful space with a sofa, two velvet chairs, a round coffee table, and deco

My Project List for 2023

We can start by removing the asterisk from the family room. I would love some art on the wall and to finish decorating the space.

Next, will be the dining room. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this one. Something about that space has never felt “right” to me and McGregor (bless him) finally agreed to let me get a mirror in the dining room! I have a few ideas but I’m going to have to tinker with them. Nobody in their right mind would get cream or white coloured chairs – especially with a toddler.

The front entry. We have a photo wall right when you walk into our home with a bench that never quite turned out the way I wanted (cushion problem). I am thinking of some simple updates, a console table, different frames and configuration. I can see this getting done relatively quickly as well.

I would love to tackle the porch this year. A little swing, and some cute planters; let’s get that curb appeal going!

The living room – again, this was on my list last year, however, I want to get (or make) a longer curtain rod, and finish the loose ends – decor pieces, end table, get the lamps on the same page (the shades are currently different colours).

Some more items lower down on my list are little bedroom updates – I am considering running the picture frame moulding the rest of the way around the room, getting a bigger rug, and some proper seating at the foot of the bed (I just need to find something I like!!). I would also love new end tables, but I just got some new table lamps that I think will change the space for me.

I would also love to do the powder room downstairs again. I previously did it with some peel-and-stick wallpaper, but the quality wasn’t the best. It stretched out and it unavoidably bubbled in certain places so I had to take it down. It did bring the bathroom to life and added so much character. I want that back!!

See, the thing is I could keep going and name every untouched room in my house but I’m getting older and slightly wiser – knowing that I’ll be lucky if I get to half of these. I’ll go for them all, but we know the truth!

Here’s to a great 2023 filled with fabulous projects!