D.I.Y Christmas Ornaments with Greenery

It’s almost tree time! It’s almost tree time! As I write this, we are contemplating getting out to go and get our tree a day early. Now that it is December, McGregor is all in on the holiday spirit and isn’t scrooge-ing me for starting festivities too early. Also, not that he would, but he is forbidden from telling me it’s too early now because frankly, at this point, we are late on the tree front! I cannot believe it’s almost a week into December already.

I am D.I.Y-ing all of the ornaments on the tree this year (I say that now, but I haven’t seen them ON the tree, so I may mix it up – stay tuned). Either way, I’m excited to let the creativity be seen on the tree. My favorite ornaments of this year are these D.I.Y Christmas ornaments with greenery.

These D.I.Y Christmas ornaments with greenery are so simple and gorgeous, and you can really do whatever your heart desires with them once you have the necessities ready to go.

Let’s learn how these D.I.Y Christmas ornaments with greenery are done, shall we?! 

Signed Samantha holding up her D.I.Y Christmas ornament with greenery

 Versatility in These D.I.Y Christmas Ornaments with Greenery

I am starting to feel like in almost anything I do, there is an option for versatility, allowing you to make these D.I.Ys your own. You can totally copy exactly what I’ve done, or if you like the concept but have a totally different vision, you can implement and execute. Just like in my winter pots, or D.I.Y mini Christmas trees, these D.I.Y Christmas Ornaments with Greenery offer a range of versatility for what you can do.

To start, you can use any type of greenery your heart desires. Starting with real greens or faux greens or even a combination thereof. You can use eucalyptus, pine, spruce… You get the picture. Anything you want! I did a variety of three: eucalyptus, pine (I think? LOL), and red berries.

I contemplated pinecones (uncertain if they would actually fit through the hole on the ornaments), and I contemplated doing mini villages as I did in my Christmas Terrariums. Honestly, there are a ton of options. 

I also opted to add snow to mine, which I did not think I was going to do, but I loved the look of the D.I.Y Christmas ornaments with greenery with snow so much more.  

D.I.Y Christmas Ornaments with Greenery in the middle with snow

 These D.I.Y Christmas ornaments with greenery are a perfect activity to do with kiddos

The other fabulous thing- aside from them being absolutely stunning (obvi!) – about these ornaments is that they are totally kid-friendly (I would say toddler friendly, but I suspect that would depend on your toddler) as they are plastic but they could definitely get the top open if they tried hard enough. Anyways, these D.I.Y Christmas ornaments with greenery are the perfect activity to get the kids involved in. 

In fact, get the whole family involved. Sloane helped me – her favorite part was putting the greens INTO the ornaments. Then she was over it and wanted to play outside so I had to resume without her. It was very fun while it lasted.

Decorative shelf with D.I.Y Christmas Ornaments with Greenery in a bowl, a ski shot in the background and a skiing penguin in the front.

How to Make D.I.Y Christmas Ornaments With Greenery


These are the materials for what I did, but as I mentioned, you can really do anything you fancy!

+ plastic ornaments (I have 90 – I suspect I will use close to 60 and 30 for decoration throughout the rest of the house)

+ faux, shredded snow 

+ faux eucalyptus 

+ faux red berries

+ faux pine branches

+ twine

+ wire cutters


1. Open your ornament. 

2. Add the faux snow to the ornament. 

3. Clip off a small portion (mine were approximately 1.5 inches long) of one of your greens or berries and toss it into the ornament. 

4. Close the ornament.

5. Get some twine and loop it through the ornament so it can hang on the tree, cut to desired ornament length and tie it off. 

6. Repeat for remaining ornaments. 

*tip, once you know the right size for your greens, cut them all at once. Then it’s a quick assembly line of D.I.Y Christmas ornament with greenery making.



P.S. We definitely went and got our tree since I started writing this post and it’s half decorated already.

The materials needed to make D.I.Y Christmas Ornaments with Greenery including plastic ornaments, faux greens, and twine


  • Erin

    These are too gorgeous!! Whenever we (eventually) get our little Christmas tree up (major slackers here, this year) I NEED to create a few of these to put up!!

    • Samantha

      Haha, I was going to do more on our tree but am officially tapped out so I believe slacking is a-ok! But these are very fun and VERY easy to put up!

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