D.I.Y Christmas Terrariums

This is the start! Holiday Sun-D.I.Y’s! With my help, your homes will be affordably and beautifully decked out with holiday decor. This week, it is starting with these D.I.Y Christmas Terrariums.

This one, no joke, will take you five minutes to whip up. It is a pretty fantastic holiday D.I.Y to start with because of that fact.

I will say, with the lights on, these D.I.Y Christmas Terrariums were nearly impossible to photograph well with my less than stellar photography skills. So, they do look much sweeter in person than they do in these pictures. My next adventure may be a photography course, so I can really learn to capture things’ beauty. For now, you get my sub-par images, but if you use a little imagination, it’ll get you quite far, and you’ll see the cuteness embedded in these D.I.Y Christmas Terrariums. 

D.I.Y Christmas Terrariums includes these cute little polar bear figurines and fake trees

D.I.Y Christmas Terrariums: Price Point is Yours to Decide

Each item in here I got from… you guessed it! Dollarama! Except for the jar, the jar was $4.99 at IKEA.

Now, if you really wanted, you could luxe up these D.I.Y Christmas Terrariums, you could get beautiful jars and beautiful figurines from Michaels. I saw them all there, and they did look FAR better.

However, I would say, conservatively, I spent $36 on three D.I.Y Christmas Terrariums – inclusive of the jars, lights, figurines, and faux snow. Had I purchased these items at Michaels, my all-in cost would be the cost of ONE jar… or even one and a half figurines… just saying. I know I have some deal hunters reading this.  

I will say that for me, I wouldn’t notice enough of a difference for me to spend 8X the amount on getting the goods from Michaels.  

Also – I did contemplate painting the little figurines white, but I really felt they would get very lost in the snow. I think you could do a metallic and it would still be subtle, but you may not exactly know what’s happening in the scene. 

D.I.Y Christmas Terrariums sitting on a tray with a cocktail glass and decanter

D.I.Y Christmas Terrariums for Easy Holiday Ambiance 

You got a glimpse into my holiday decor vibes this year, but I forgot to add that I am very much into creating ambiance right now. A big part of creating the perfect holiday ambiance includes having the best lighting you can. 

These D.I.Y Christmas Terrariums create the best holiday ambiance. You dim the lights in the house, get the fire going, and pop these magical lights on, and you’ve just created a little winter wonderland for yourself. 

Just ask Sloane; anytime she sees these on, she is so insanely excited about them. She will tell you all about her excitement by pointing and shouting with joy.

D.I.Y Christmas Terrariums with eucalyptus wrapped around it

How to Make Five-Minute D.I.Y Christmas Terrariums


+ Glass canisters (here are the ones I used)

+ Faux snow – the shredded kind (I bought three smaller bags thinking it would be one per, but I didn’t even use one full bag)

+ Mini trees and figurines amount and style is your choice (I opted for either 2-3 small or 1 larger (the polar bears) things in each)

+ Mini strand of string lights (one per canister)


1. Place strand of lights into glass canister. 

2. Add faux snow over the strand of lights. 

3. Place figurines and trees in the canister where you’d like them to be situated. 

4. Turn on lights and place where you’d like to put the terrarium to create the best ambiance possible.

Legitimately a five-minute craft. ENJOY!!! 


  • Erin

    These turned out so well!! You’re definitely getting me in the early Christmas spirit with all this gorgeous decor. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

    • Samantha

      It’s so much fun to make some beautiful yet inexpensive things. It definitely gets you into the spirit!

  • Sherri

    Such a cool idea and simple approach.
    You are a cost saving warrior

    • Samantha

      So fun right?! I am very into the affordability factor of things these days!!

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