Earthy Pedestal Bowl DIY

I’ve seen this awesome pedestal bowl hack all over social media recently. It’s so simple and easy and – the best part – affordable. For me, whenever I saw someone DIY these pedestal bowls, I couldn’t help but feel something was missing. Don’t get me wrong, each post I saw on it was beautiful and priced perfectly. But, I think what I was missing when I saw these pedestal bowls was a little bit of texture. So, when I came across the perfectly shaped bowl at Dollarama, I made the executive decision to try to make a pedestal bowl, except mine would have some texture (if it worked!). And, did it work? I mean, see for yourself! I’m relatively obsessed, and you’d never know that this whole thing cost me $6.00* to make!

*I had most of the material on hand aside from the bowls! Even if I didn’t, I still think this would be relatively affordable!

little girl picking herbs from a DIY pedestal bowl turned into a mini herb garden

Pedestal Bowl Uses

Pedastal bowls are super versatile, you can use them for so much. Honestly, depending on the size, scale, and location you’re placing yours, you could leave it plain and let it stand out on its own. You can also fill pedestal bowls with some moss balls, use it as a catch-all, or my personal newly found way to use it, as a planter!

I’m using my pedestal bowl as a planter – an herb station – to be exact! We are approximately 2.5 weeks into its intended use. I’m happy to report that the herbs in this pedestal bowl herb station are still thriving! We will see how much longer this lasts, but, for now, I’m impressed with myself!

DIY pedestal bowl in the making one large bowl and one small bowl as well as super glue pictured.

What You Need to Make An Earthy Pedestal Bowl

  • 1 large bowl for the top (keep in mind what you’ll be using the pedestal bowl for. I knew I couldn’t use something with porous material given I would be watering my plants)
  • 1 smaller bowl for the bottom
  • Super-glue 
  • Drywall compound
  • Black Spray paint 
  • White Chalk paint + chalk paintbrush 
  • Filler for your bowl (moss balls? plants/dirt?)
easy pedestal bowl DIY in progress - two bowls glued together bottom to bottom with plaster around it all.

How to Make A Pedestal Bowl

  1. Using super-glue, attach the two bottoms of the bowls together. Centre them as much as possible. Add some weight on top of one of the bowls (I used coffee table books) and let it cure overnight. 
  2. Cover your bowls in drywall compound. Any thickness, texture, pattern, etc. that you desire. Don’t go nuts with the thickness – it’ll take forever to dry. I let it dry for 24 hrs. 
  3. Spray paint your newly formed pedestal bowl. I used a matte black spray paint and let it dry for a few hours. 
  4. Once dry, lightly brush on white chalk paint for the antique look. I used too much but if you brush off a little from your initial paint dip, that will help. 
  5. Let it dry and then implement the rest of your vision! For the herb garden, I added soil and herbs. Away I went. I don’t overwater because I added approximately zero drainage. Not that it would help my black thumb – but I do have a planter solution for that too. 
A herb garden made out of a DIY pedestal bowl.