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Okay, so I know I went a little wild on the food situation for a while there. I reverted to what I know best. But I saw your Instagram results – y’all want variety – so I’m here. Committing. Every Thursday will be Thursday’s Three. The three things I’m obsessing about, lusting or pining after that week.

This week, it is all hair products. My hair is fine, straight, and incredibly finicky, despite how it looks. If it’s cut the wrong way or I use the wrong shampoo/conditioner, it goes greasy very fast, and I’m shocked I’m not bald at the rate my hair falls out. I shed more than your golden retriever.

Here I’m certainly not claiming to be a beauty expert. And most certainly, I am not a hair expert. I am, however, well-versed in research and very into getting thick luxurious hair. So to achieve this, I know who I trust in this gigantic internet world, and I know what information I like to take and put into action for me to follow.

Here’s what I learned from Amy Chang from Bond en Avant – Beauty Blogger extraordinaire (who had a receding hairline and severe hair loss but now has the best hair ever. Seriously, like ever):

+ Clean, clean, clean. Most of us use shampoo and conditioners filled with sulfates and parabens, which dries out your hair excessively and can cause premature breakage. You want to find a shampoo free of those items.

+ Limit the heat – you don’t need to blow-dry to get that gorgeous blow-dried look. Luckily for me, I don’t generally blow dry my hair, so this was an easy one to incorporate.

+ Limited washings – 2ish times a week.

Now she has an eight million step hair care routine, which just isn’t my jam, but the above three I can get on board with. The only other problem is a lot of the products she’s recommending are all only in the states, so I then had to do my investigative work.

Off to Sephora’s website, I went hunting for a few new, and my tried and true hair products for fine, straight hair.

Image of olaplex shampoo and conditioner in the foreground with Signed Samantha holding them in the background showing off her fine straight hair.

Dry Shampoo for Fine, Straight Hair

Sidebar * isn’t Sloane’s chubby wrist ridiculously cute. She eventually allowed me to get one without her arm in it (i.e., she got bored of the dry shampoo bottles – but not before throwing a few tantrums because I kept asking for them back to take pictures) but I couldn’t resist this chubby little arm.

Okay, dry shampoo. These are my two go-to dry shampoos for my fine straight hair.

These are not “clean” dry shampoos – I think baby steps for me. I know these work well, and I intend to make the switch the next time I run out (or am close to running out).

I needed more and was running out of steam to research. Plus, I’m kind of in love with these two.

So the DryBar dry shampoo McGregor thinks “smells chemically.” I am addicted to the smell, but that might have something to do with the fact that I also like the smell of sharpies and gasoline? I’m also addicted to the amazing volume it gives me and the de-greasing action it provides.

For the brunettes out there, DryBar has a darker dry shampoo, and I HATED it. In small print, it notes for you not to wear light clothing while using it. Oh, and don’t touch your hair, your fingers will go black. If you’re brave enough to try it (as in you don’t wear white and don’t touch your hair), I do like the concept. 

The Living Proof Dry Shampoo I love for the same reasons as the DryBar shampoo, it de-greases well, it has great volumize-ing qualities, but I don’t like the smell as much – it’s very florally and intense for me. But I wear no perfume or anything but McGregor likes the smell of this one a lot more than the DryBar dry shampoo. As the day goes on, the smell gets lighter – or I get more used to it?


yellow dry bar hair brush laying flat on a fuzzy blanket

Hairbrush for Fine, Straight Hair

It’s pretty embarrassing for me to show you my last brush so I’ll save it for somewhere a little less permanent. But let’s just describe it as a $5.00 Target brush that lost several bristles.

It was time for little old me to grow up and get a new brush. And even spend more than $5.00 on it.

Now that I have this bad boy, I don’t know why it took me so long just to buy a proper brush!

The feeling of a brush with durable bristles going through your hair… the actual ease of brushing your hair. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?!

If you’re doing what I did, just order this brush. It’ll change your sentiments about brushing your hair (and maybe even pull out less of it!).

Image of olaplex shampoo and conditioner in the foreground with Signed Samantha holding them in the background showing off her fine straight hair.

Olaplex Shampoo for Fine, Straight Hair

When adjusting to clean (or just any adjustment in general) hair products for my fine, straight hair, I get nervous. But the ones I get the most nervous with are shampoo and conditioner.

Partially because of how I know my hair has a dollar threshold, it needs to uphold before it’s happy. In all honesty, my hair is not being snobby; I have tried numerous drug-store brands, which instantly make my hair greasy. Anyways, the point being, I don’t like to waste money on things that don’t work for me.

I have my traditional tried and true shampoos and conditioners that I rotate through, but as I’m learning the importance of clean hair care, I know it’s time for a shift for me.

This Olaplex No 4 and 5, maintenance shampoo and conditioner so far have been fantastic hair product choices for my fine, straight hair:

+ it lathers so well, which is something I was very nervous about

+ it smells like a citrus dream, and we all know smell is critical

+ it feels light-weight on your hair, something that is very important to me otherwise my already lifeless hair has even less life

+ it leaves your hair feeling incredibly clean

Also, if you don’t have fine, straight hair, I would think you could give this Olaplex shampoo and conditioner a shot. In fact, technically nothing here is marketed especially as hair products for fine straight hair. I would think almost any hair type could test out these products!

I am still on the hunt for clean dry shampoo suggestions, drop a comment below if you have any!


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    i have never tried olaplaex but you have convinced me i need to! thank you for sharing! x

    • samantha.c.potter

      Let me know what you think once you try it! I hope you like it as much as I do. It’s honestly changed my hair game!

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