One Room Challenge – Week 4 – We Have a Mitre Saw Station

I am trucking along for the fourth week of the One Room Challenge! On the not so helpful side, I’ve completely tornado’ed the garage. Several items in the garage are currently taking up prime real estate. By prime real estate, I mean the entire garage – you can barely walk through there. But what’s a DIY project if you don’t destroy everything in the process!? The disaster zone aside, the good news is that the mitre saw station and the table saw station are nearly completed. Having these two pieces wrapped up will help me organize one half of the garage – or at least start to contemplate how to organize it. The mitre and table saw stations will be huge game-changers on so many levels.

mitre saw station workbench and a table saw station workbench in the background - both incomplete but well underway!

Why Will The Mitre and Table Saw Stations Be Game Changers?

I’m glad you’ve asked why the mitre saw station and table saw station will be game changers! Even if you didn’t ask, I’m still going to tell you! Number one, I won’t constantly have to set up my workstations when I want to do projects. Wheel it out and away we go! So amazing and exciting. If you could save an additional 10-20 minutes every day, would you? I would and will! Everything will be easy to access and ready to roll! But, actually ready to roll because they will be on casters.

Number two, everything will have a perfectly organized little home. Which is what I’ve been waiting so anxiously for. I can never find anything in this garage. Okay, fine, not never – it was semi-organized, but soon, I’m hoping everything will have a perfect home.

Please look at this mitre saw station stand – the way it lines up is pure perfection!

mitre saw station workbench underway

What’s Happening Next in the Garage

Although there’s great progress, I have quite a bit to tackle still. I need to enclose and finish the mitre saw station and the table saw station. I want to install doors on them, but need to think through how this will be done. The mitre saw station and table saw station are awkward shapes because they accommodate the saws. The doors are not going to be evenly distributed which will throw off the look. It is something I’m thinking through.

I’ll also be painting the rest of the garage white… or will I be limewashing it? Contemplation is in progress. I don’t know if I want to commit to lime washing 3/4 of a garage. That sounds like a boat-load of work. But the detail, texture, and excitement that would add to the space have me super intrigued. 

Stay tuned for next week to see how far along I make it!


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