ORC Week 6: Family Room Update

week 6 of the ORC - the wall treatment has been removed.

h my gawd I am glad I'm here with an update on our family room. Number one, that means I've actually done something in the space which apparently is a huge feat for me and number two it means that MAYBE just maybe this room will be back in order soon.... Ideally on time to finish this one room challenge (but it's not looking great given were at week 6 LOL).

One room challenge week 6 removing wall treatment

What was Done This Week

First of all, I’ve finally taken off the moulding that was previously there (you can check out my modern board and batten here). I dreaded this task because I assumed it would take me hours on end. Instead, I found this baseboard removal tool and the removal of every piece here took me 20-minutes total. I’m still blown away by how easy it was. Sloane and I patched the walls – yes I let the toddler use the spackle. Was it terrifying? Yes. Was there a huge mess? Not too bad actually. Do I have a heck of a lot more sanding to do now thanks to it? Yes…. However, Sloane’s enthusiasm to be participating made it all worthwhile. 
Spackled walls during week 6 of the ORC

What Hasn’t Been Done in Week 6

This brings me to what I haven’t done: sanded. Or decided on what I’m doing – picture frame moulding or lime wash. I’m so torn. I also haven’t touched the cabinet. So that’s fun. LOL. I also would love to DIY some art for above the sofa. I’m waiting for my inspo to hit.

week 6 of the ORC signed samantha standing in front of the TV with puttied walls behind her

Week 6 Included a Lot of Purchases

More exciting updates. I got my lamp and my side table. OH my rug has arrived too but I haven’t even opened it yet (waiting to complete the sanding). My coffee table is also ordered! It will be here in January. Patience is a virtue. One I don’t have so starting January 1st, Urban Barn can expect a lot of check-in phone calls from me. 

Side table purchase made during week 6 of the ORC.

Now you can check out where we started and what the vision is for the space in my week 1 update and my unreal cabinet find for my week 2-4 update. If you’re on the hunt for my week 5 update, it was non-existent. Basically this week is like I’m on week 3 but in reality were at week 6. Good grief.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the updates from this week on the ORC Blog! Here’s to two weeks from now when I hope to have a legitimate update.