Splurge-Worthy Kitchen Must-Haves

I feel like you already know that I spend a ton of time in the kitchen. Whether it be cooking, baking, socializing, or snacking on something I’ve made, you know where to find me. The kitchen is the heart of our home. Sloane is already getting into spending tons of time in her kitchen helper as my sous chef. She can crack eggs (with a little help), and she is the master stirrer. But her biggest talent is snacking on the food we are trying to prepare.

Given the amount of time I spend in the kitchen and the amount of traffic our kitchen sees (or saw pre-COVID, anyways), there were some non-negotiable items that I knew I needed in there. So today is dedicated to my splurge-worthy kitchen must-haves.

These splurge-worthy kitchen must-haves range from practical kitchen items to aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching/show-stopping pieces.

There are far more than three in my life, so I’m sure that there will be more of these posts coming your way, and who knows, maybe even my affordable kitchen must-haves will make an appearance on Thursday’s Three.

But let’s not lose focus here, today is all about my splurge-worthy kitchen must-haves, and here they are:

Signed Samantha's splurge worthy kitchen must haves include a matte liquorice colored le creuset dutch oven pictured on a gas stove, next to a countertop with a plant, salt and pepper shakers, and wooden cutting boards leaning against the wall.

Le Creuset – Dutch Oven

Okay, my number one splurge-worthy kitchen must-have is a Le Creuset dutch oven. I pined after one of these for YEARS… I’m talking 10+ years.

I wanted a high-quality one so badly.

We I kindly received our first one as a wedding gift. Now I am lucky enough to have this circle one as well as an oval one.

I use mine (either circle or oval one) close to four times a week. There are so many amazing recipes you can make in these. Their versatility is endless, from the stovetop to the oven to the fridge. Very easily cleaned – make sure you fully let it cool before attempting anything – something I struggle with as I’m a “clean as you go” person. But, I saw my good friend’s mom crack hers by trying to wash it too soon. She had had it since her wedding as well … 35 years prior. The cracking of it broke my heart as there was obviously a ton of sentiment involved with it, but also, it’s not an inexpensive item to break.

So, if you can wait fully to let these pots cool, I know these are timeless items that will last forever.

Signed Samantha's splurge worthy kitchen must haves includes sharp knives - four beautiful shun knives are pictured on a cutting board - two large butcher style knives, one pairing knife, and one long serrated knife.

Sharp, High-Quality Knives

Another practical splurge-worthy kitchen must-have is a good, sharp knife.

I am obsessed with my Shun knives. Like OBSESSED. They cut through everything like it’s a soft piece of butter. It glides perfectly. I won’t pretend they don’t need to be sharpened (like SO badly), but when they are sharp, they are the most glorious knives. Even now, they are still better than most other knives out there.

These knives contribute to why I love being home so much. I struggle when I go away because I obviously love to cook (and love cooking in the comfort of my own kitchen), but also because I have incredibly beautiful and very sharp knives.

Dull knives cause more accidents than sharp ones (don’t quote me on it, this one is based on personal experience).

Signed Samantha's splurge worthy kitchen must haves include a huge glass carafe with a cork lid sitting on a ceramic base. Also pictured next to the ceramic base is a white diffuser, three cookbooks and a plant in front of two wooden cutting boards.

Beverage Dispenser + Base

The last splurge-worthy kitchen must-have is – albeit very useful – admittedly an aesthetic thing for me. This beverage dispenser and base was a must-have to look good on our countertop.

Neither McGregor nor I enjoy cold water – we are both room temperature people. Plus, our fridge doesn’t have a water filtration system.

So we started with a Brita water filter on the counter and subsequently moved it to live in the sink. Well, that was annoying because how does one rinse/wash dishes? So we graduated to these other little carafe type things. Loved them; they were so cute. But I was continually filling up water throughout the day plus they looked very randomly placed.

I was sent this by a girlfriend who was buying it for herself (and subsequently didn’t end up buying it LOL) and instantly knew it needed to live on our counter. It pretties up the counter and certainly looks better than a Brita or two carafes randomly sitting on the counter. Obsessed.


  • Erin

    Love these suggestions! Especially the high-quality knives. I’ve been wanting to get better knives FOREVER now because I feel like mine are basically hyped up butter knives. Definitely worth a little splurge! 🙂

    • Samantha

      Hyped up butter knives!! haha! Girl, you need some for sure with all of the cooking you do!!! Worth the investment, I promise!

  • Anisha Somji

    Love Thursday’s Three! Knives and dispenser are on my list and your posts always remind me of items I need as well! ?

    • Samantha

      Awe, I love you! Thank you for always supporting me!!! I’m so here to remind you of the items you need, anytime. XO!

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